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Ron Paul Issues Final Warning: "The Internet Must Remain Free!"

Government Media Complex

"The internet will provide the alternative to the government media complex that controls the news and most political propaganda.  This is why it’s essential that the Internet remains free of government regulation."

Video is an excerpt from Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress.

Read the full transcript of Paul's speech here...


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Reader Comments (2)

I grew partialy up inside a library, and as some of the very few, I read almoust everything, and this is one of the biggest in my land, and in this days we could order books from everywhere, even Royale Librarys, and I have read a lot of intresting books and histroys mostly not mentioned in the YouTube and wice wersa sites.
I could wirte theemes that is not in the nett at all, historys, arceological evidences, a.s.o. for hours, about a lott of things, incl Israel/Palestina condlict, the reason for my blatant and often intepetated as agresive, is because I know the Issue far better than most do, incl fu... like Z. Brezhinzky(polish, azkhenazi).
They are just fighting for their RobberBaron as head hounchos, they are the real enemy bahind the gate, they are the provider of intress and they are behaind the biggest sinlge most threat to humankind ever invented and the very issue is still ongoing, the Fukushima, the mother of the black swans.

And finaly, people to day are infact non educated, they cant think or resonate at all, they have very narrow base in what ever they know, all of it is from the "news", and that is a catasrofe for us all.
Education is the very core of a soscilety and the sole reason for the survival of human kind in the future.
Computers are just a new intermitiate link, nothing more than that, the knowledge is narrow, because the system is new, and continues to grow, as it have for a sinlge decade, it not older than that, remember, The Nett is not a relic from the stone age.
It becames what we makes it to be.
Porn have bben here since time immemorial, and is aways at the topp of tecs and distribution systems, because of the money.
To use it as an exuse is to domb us all down, it was before the Nett and sorry to be anyway what we do, no matter what even if we burned all the Internett stations all together, porn will survive it all.
Becuase it was here long before even printing, the drew it.
Capice, it just to stay away from it, like the Magasin stores, what you by in there is your bissenisse, noot mine.
Do you understand that.
The very same notion goes to all other aspects.
I am from a land that hadd livefeeded surgicals done because of lang distances, long before the internett was invented.

The internett is stil fresh, and is growing exponentialy, as it should.
America will loose a lott, and a witale focal point when RP goes beck to his garden as a retired one.
I am old anouf to know that our garden hold all there is to know, miracles happens all the time and epic batles is ongoing.
Thats why all the great theatchers, eventualy redraweds them self into been, meer garden antendans, the rest of their lifes.
Now I know why.

Have your self a ball, thats all I can recomend.

Nov 17, 2012 at 4:47 AM | Unregistered Commentermikael

Your post is haunting and the possible translations limited. I do believe you have scared the bejeezs out of us.
Nov 27, 2012 at 3:18 AM | Unregistered CommenterKent70

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