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Robert Prechter Tells Jeff Macke: 'U.S. Will Be Downgraded Again, Treasury Bubble Will Collapse'

Jeff Macke

Regardless of what S&P says about the U.S. credit rating, investors still regard our debt as a safe haven. But Prechter thinks that's about to change. "After 31 years the bond market may be ending a very long term uptrend and getting ready to turn down," he says, "that means higher rates."Once borrowing costs go higher the Federal Reserve will have few options left for fighting it's real problem: deflation. Prechter notes the current economic environment includes historically low rates, a 40% decline in real estate, a 40% drop in commodities, low money velocity and last month's drop in CPI. "These things are a surprise to most people," says Prechter "but deflation explains them all."

Deflation is a lack of demand for goods or services at any price. The Fed has a mandate to control inflation and Volcker showed the world how to do it by strangling the supply of money. Deflation has no known cure. The Fed can, and has, dropped rates to zero yet no one seems to have the confidence to borrow money. Economists love to fight inflation, what keeps them awake is the notion of demand dropping no matter what the price.

Prechter's sees America's "free ride" in terms of borrowing costs coming to an end as global investors come to realize the U.S. is no different than any other print-and-spend nation.  The Fed sets the Fed Funds rate but the market decides how much it costs the U.S. to borrow money. When the U.S. starts getting punished for its profligate ways austerity will be thrust upon it at the time the Fed would most want the chance to "stimulate."

Personal financial planning in a deflationary environment is simple. Sell everything and hoard money. "Cash is becoming more valuable," is how Prechter puts it. "That's what you want to hold on to."

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Reader Comments (1)

lol....Prechter is a shill for the insiders and elite. If anyone was a subscriber to the bullshit wave counting site he offers at a premium, you'll know he has devastated many investors with his 'advice". He advances the non-functioning theory of (elliott) wave analysis to predict when and where markets may turn. Its complete nonsense and "pushed" by those in control to the gullible believers...which there are many.

Fuck you Prechter and the horse you rode in on.
Jun 30, 2012 at 12:44 AM | Unregistered Commenterdogismyth

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