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Boehner: 'Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land'

House Speaker John Boehner sat down with ABC's Diane Sawyer last night.  This is the short excerpt focused on Obamacare.  Runs 90 seconds.  More below.


Boehner's speech Wednesday on Obama's victory.

Backpedaling from the Obamacare statement has already begun...


Boehner's speech today on the fiscal cliff.


Full ABC interview from last night:

Sawyer couldn't spell deficit without a makeup mirror.

This is worth watching.  Boehner discusses immigration, the national debt, taxes, spending cuts, Obama's victory, fiscal cliff, and Paul Ryan.


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Reader Comments (6)

When I have time later, I 'll come back here and tell a Diane Sawyer story from my CNN days.
Nov 9, 2012 at 2:41 PM | Registered CommenterDailyBail
Diane Sawyer. God what a joke. She is not even the shit anymore. She is just another large cankle woman who was a much better beauty queen contender. Why even bother putting make up on that pig. Wouldn't it be more merciful to have one of those Polish casket canlendar girls sit and mouth the words while Ms. Sawyer reads off camera. Gah.
Nov 9, 2012 at 3:30 PM | Unregistered CommenterSKINFLINT
Who won the election, the Keynan, or the Mexican? I was too busy ogling split screen reruns of "I love lucy" and "johnny bravo" to flip and check see who de Diebold machines selected as puppetdent. - wat de focking diff anywaze?

Is anybody not a cyborg in DC?

Figured whats the diff so ask other the same:: Watzt's the effing diff `tween clown a and clown b. They'd stutter look for something they forget (like a viable neuron fragment not yet digested by NFL football pixels, polyunsaturated binge-trough cow asshole burgers and beer made from contaminated water and roach piss!), dey a be looking for dat dollar store receipt they scribed a mortgage assistance service providers number on in the pocket etc etc,

Some said, proudly, their guy is a democrat err did i say he's a democratic -and he's promising hope and change!

On the other side they'd say - well he be a replokin and he promising hope and change we can believe in.

One guy was button-pushed for the Mexican, and this guy used to be Series 7, and offered "He's rich" (like manna be flowwing from the 50 thousand buck he spend on "how to get rich on the internet books and cds - true story my dreared fellow terrorists and compatriots - the mexcan is rich and dat be all he kneed ta knoze. When asked about the drones over head the surveillance Win OS exploits and back doors etc etc - he Said, in all candor, " I ain't got nothing to hide". I immediately ask him for his ss number, his bank account and pin numbers and his mother maiden name - no response - guessing he do do have sh!t to hide - low iodine consumer.

Soze I ask how are they the same? They'd look at me like I looked at them, but totally lacking in sincerity - like dey be dumb as a dounghnut idiots who were shit from mommy's ass. Response always the same: Err they different as night from day stupid - one is a dem and one is a repub - how much more different can you get - and I immediately remind self of the possibility this poor ass-wipe with de 1$ mullet head haircut was fed low iodine Himalayan Salt as a child, or, optionally, he really is his own second cousin - let it fall - we got lots o food watching jersey shores right after Oriielly ends his speil. Easy picking for a man who knows how to fast gut chickens!

Only collapse will save - Boner - I been seeing that guy on TV since de time i'd sneak outside and watch my older sister get finger banged on one of the pool chairs. If our PMs are alive, by my reckoning they should have expired 20 years ago - robo cyborg clone technology from the diminishing thought processes of the our most recent crop of Mafioso Bankster KKK.

Let it fall cause it already has. Only A Bone Suck like Boner thinks intelligent design allow people to defy gravity and climb back to de precipice when the dexcent began, - buy silver food - cancel cable - shop at family owned business - quit eating out - quit buying bling toss cell phone and let this nighmare bitch bitch in her own fing puke,

If you went to a polling station and pushed buttons and didn't get a receipt for your vote - you could just as easily, at less expense, drawn little button shapes on a wall or someplace and pushed them.

If you vote electronically and did not get a receipt, don't feel bad when some reminds you that monkeys, at least, get a hit of cocaine for punching meaningless nonfunctional touch screen buttons. All votes got was a zero gain rush of civic pride and a bill for gasoline to drive someplace and proce, beyond a doubt, they be dumb as a doghnut monkey like everybody else that be pushing them snot laced buttons.

Don't get me started.

Box cutter fear do that. Ask some a multiple chose question:
If you had to choose between resisting a skinny guy threatening you with a 1 in blade box cutter or accept a fate of being vaporized an a big fireball, what would you choose.

They probably ask a question before they answer like, "If I die in a fireball will I be left out of the "rapture"? NO - YOU CAN"T DIE _ YOU"RE ALREADY DEAD AND YOU BEEN THAT WAY A LONG LONG TIME.

I wish reverend wright had been running - and datz all i gotz to say.

Smart people compare. Dumb people contrast. Smart business people are more interested in information their employees omit from the books. Stupid business people accept what employees report on the books as complete and are never concerned with omissions or fraud lies embezzlement cause dey be doing dat too!! Stupid people are penny rich dollar poor.

And de taxpayer funded clown, Bonerless Boehner, omitted sh!t bigtime.

Example: Boner repeated several times "Whao - we're adding 10,000 people a week to the Socialy security rolls, followed by "we're adding 10,000 people a week to the Socialy security rolls" and again to the compliant fax cyborgs claiming as reporters: "we're adding 10,000 people a week to the Socialy security rolls"

Not one media whore asked these two obvious questions:

Err Mr. Boner, how many recipients are removed from the benefit rolls per week due to death. (about the same number as the ones being added)

So the net/net is zero and de only reson SS is forced to buy negative return assets is cause the political appointees runn the ponzi at ss would eat a turd as it exited godxilla's ass if they was told to.do it.

Err Mr Boner how much are we entitling Defense Logistics contractors to to keep marine gas tanks topped off in Afghanistan (about 5 Billion a week)

Err Mr Boner - SS has been running a surplus and you guys traded a bunch negative return 30 year bonds for 200 Billion of SS dollars earlier this year (SS like the Chinese ain't ever gonna get that money repaid - but the Chinese are covered - all those high tech US corps setting up shop in china, btw, just soze you knoze, just happened to also bring a bunch of patents and trade secrets (worth trillions) belong to citizens of the USA and but those docs in the file cabinets so the Chinese managers running those facilities could make copies of them before their shifts ended.

(funny - US screams "sanction any business or country doing bidness wit Iran in the US security council - China is Iran's biggest business partner - and the US borrows billions from da Chinese Terror Sipporters every focking day - i guess Us kiddie fondlers are only sincere to a point - a limit to their self tighteousness is evident)

He was calling SS an entitlement. Bailouts are a requirement - a trillion plus a year for genocide is a :"requirement", but he found so easy to recast the SS trust fund tas an entitlement and not one of 4th estate's treasonous 5th column-ere batted a focking eye.- they were yawning as they went down the list of "allowed" questions Boners fairy tale aids handed out when they enter the press room.

Corporations Are People.

Doesn't bother me - the manage of multination welfare queen ponzi shops are food prey on the hoof - everything is meaning and inconsequential - WHY VOTE - Cause I like paying 5 bucks a gallon to for a spoon full rush of platic civic pride ...
... blow me


Consider these scenarios in the light of the well characterized Citizens United "d!ck to ass" case ruling that "Copses are people"

Scenario 1:
You go to a government building. There is a sign on the door. "This entrance is for white people only, all others use the service entrance in the back"

Scenario 2:
You go to a government building. There is a sign on the door. "This entrance is for corporate people only, all others use the service entrance in the back"

Scenario 3
You file tax returns using corporate forms so you can write off every little focking expense
as operating cost. write the depreciation of every asset you hold. and, instead of paying taxes on the Nicaraguan maid and gardener you hired, you get an check back for an H1B hire subsidy. Some low iodine butt-wad at the IRS disallows your filing with the comment: "This tax return is for Corporate people, since you are classified as a Corporate person, you have to use the form in the back that will increase your tax liabilities by a zillion percent.

Scenario 4:
You file for bankruptcy under Chapter eleven so all your debt will be dispose without you being required to loose deed and title to your fixed assets - ya get to keep it all - the Wal Mart Shabby Shiel Elite floats like PVC and butenal poisoned radiated well water and reeking of insectcides genetically produced by the MonSantano GMO teinkies enjoyed for breakfast lunch and dinner GET TO FOCKING PAY IT OFF DO YOU WON'T. THhe judge says you gonna have to suck it up - your debt is not discharged but you have to hand all your assets over to the court by filing under Chapter 13.

Everyone of those scenarios is a juicy fat wad of contingency revenues on the hoof. SO WHY MISTER LAWYER ain't you got a commercial running on the "i love lucy rerun channel"

We deserve it - don't vote = do exactly the opposite of what your employees in public service instruct you to do.- or come to my house so I can gut you and render your fat radiated PVC chocked ass to tallow for fuel.

CNBC ask agin yeterday: Is now the time individual investors should begin to consider re-entering the market.

Buy shotgun shells - buy anitibiotics - but baking soda and food that has a long shelf life with being soaked in presrvations.

Buy silver bullion (mexican libertads are cheap, but dey bullion) and only buy from dealers that do a cash only sell.

Prepare thyself - we falling and despite what cspan be saying - their ain't no way to delay the big splat when de falling stop. Remind yourself when watching de cspan "Do I see dead people walking or is dat a mostest tebderest slab of sweet meet on de hoof i ever dun seen. They're not our enemy folks - they're livestock..

Get to know your neighbos - make friends with people in the barrios - they know how to survive - stop doing everything else.

It's over - kaput - dead - and it cannot be resuscitated.

Disclaimer stuff:
We are Mitt Obamny and Brokebackmountian Rombobo and we approve this message.

And all you snoops reading this stuff who pretend to be like the 23% of us that are predisposed to authoritarianism, but remain true to your oaths - keep pretending and keep your oath and keep meeting with others in the service. Think about it. You guys could keep the approaching nothiness bloodless, Plan. Execute house and citizens arrests all over DC and in the K-Street Brothels -

The commons smeels the fear musk wadting off from our corrupted employees who've themselves as leaders and the neo-nobility. They are scared

Law disallows our uniformed federal, state and city sericesemployess from using hollow point bullets. And yet the dept of homo-erotic porn downloaders and face book kiddie predators purchases a billion rounds of hollow point bullets and tons of C4. And therin lies the problem with the 24 percent authoritarian-worshiping butt boys and K-Street Kidde Brothel Johns we've been forced to employ in government who arranged and paid for those purchases with our money. They ain't got the balls and they ain't got enough bullets - all we need to do is shrug in unison and this will be over by lunch tomorrow and the dandies yodlleing 1 inch or less in the K-Street brothels be begging for a room in those FEMA concentration camps authorized by the wimps of pretense with pens in hand.
Nov 9, 2012 at 11:23 PM | Unregistered CommenterThrob
You tell'em Throb
Nov 10, 2012 at 1:01 AM | Unregistered CommenterLiPbAG
John is an overtan, golfer who is also an idiot. He should not be Speaker of the House. Obamacare is not yet alive and well.
According to the Article 1, Section 7, of the United States Constitution any legislation to create a tax to be collected by the federal government must originate in the House of Representatives. This is known as the Origination Clause. PLF claims that the original bill that was used to create Obamacare originated in the Senate and not the House, thus making Obamacare illegal. Based on this information they are now moving forward with the case in the court system.

Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/8009/legal-challenge-to-obamacare-moves-forward/#ixzz2BqREMq7Y

$1.8 Trillion Annually: Obama Regulations Will Cost 20X Estimate. Current federal regulations plus those coming under Obamacare will cost American taxpayers and businesses $1.8 trillion annually, more than twenty times the $88 billion the administration estimates, according to a new roundup provided to Secrets from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute.


And it could grow, warned the author of the report, Clyde Wayne Crews, a CEI vice president

We all know Obamacare was created behind closed and locked doors by Dems only, with no Republicans or C Span allowed.
I might also mention, likely I am one of the few who tried to read the 2,700 pages. No one could understand it without hundreds of previous laws available. What I did understand, I didn't like.
Nov 10, 2012 at 3:16 PM | Unregistered CommenterBackgammon
The mob only dreams of being as efficient at shake down rackets as the government.
Nov 11, 2012 at 9:32 AM | Unregistered CommenterS. Gompers

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