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Carlin: Wall Street Owns Washington

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« It's Official: Life Insurers Now Eligible For TARP Bailout Funds | Main | Bank Bailout News: Glenn Greenwald Says Summers, Geithner And Obama Are Owned By Wall Street »

Bailout News Links (4-08-09)

It's Official: Life Insurance Companies Now Eligible for TARP

40 more below the fold.

Payments to AIG Counterparties Probed by Treasury Watchdog Barofsky

FY 2009 Deficit Already at $1 Trillion with 6 Months Remaining

Sheila Bair Has Lost Her Mind

Chris Whalen: AIG Scam Exposed

Glenn Greenwald: Summers, Geithner Owned By Wall Street

Economist Jeffrey Sachs: Geithner Bank Rescue Plan Is Taxpayer Heist

IMF Says Bank Toxic Debt Will Reach $4 trillion

TARP Watchdog Elizabeth Warren Slams Geithner Again

Andy Beal, The Banker Who Said 'No'

Geithner Is Wrong: Harvard Professor Says Toxic Assets Correctly Priced

The Radicalization of Ben Bernanke

Analyst Mike Mayo Says Bank Losses Just Getting Started

Soros Says US Banking System Is Insolvent

Fannie and Freddie End Moratorium on Foreclosures

It Really Is All Greenspan's Fault

Bailout Psychology Destroying the Economy

Creditors Should Suffer As Well

Loan Modification Fraud

Dylan Ratigan: Leverage, Henry Paulson and the SEC

Charles Bowsher Resigns in Protest over Fair Value Accounting Changes

Obama Bank Rescue Program (PPIP) Already Failing

Banks Still Pricing Assets Ridiculously High

Larry Summers Exposed

Obama Tries to Circumvent Pay Restrictions for Bailed-Out Firms

George Carlin: The Truth About Wall Street And Washington (video)

William Black: Bank Stress Tests A Complete Sham

Inside the Bank CEO White House Summit

Jim Kunstler: Clusterfuck Nation

Meredith Whitney Says Home Prices Have 30% More to the Downside

Merrill Lynch Bonus Payments Dwarf Those of AIG

Malls Test Experimental Waters to Fill Vacancies

Total Bailout Committments Reach $12.8 trillion

Joe Cassano: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You

Student Loan Defaults Surge

Mega Hedge Fund Bridgewater Says 'No' to Geithner Plan

Wall Street Quants Fall Back to Earth

PIMCO Gets Called Out on CNBC

Conn AG Blumenthal Goes After Rating Agency Cartel

TALF is Not Working

William Black: Summers, Geithner and Obama Involved in Banking Cover-Up


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