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Michelle's Last Four Years - One Long Vacation

Watch this clip, then scroll down for more video.

Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10 million in public money on her vacations

Taxpayers Spent $1.4 Billion On Obama Family Last Year





  • Michelle Obama and 40 of her friends paid for personal expenses, such as hotels and meals themselves.
  • But the U.S. taxpayer would have paid for the 68-strong security detail, personal staff and use of presidential jet Air Force Two.
  • Payment for the secret service team ran at around $281 each - nearly $98,000 for the duration of the summer break.
  • Use of Air Force Two comes in at $149,900 for the round trip, not including time on the ground. 
  • Mrs Obama's personal staff, of which there were an unknown number, should also be taken into account


According to the Hawaii Reporter the costs were:
  • $63,000 on an early flight bringing Mrs Obama and the children to Hawaii ahead of the President
  • $1,000,000 on Mr Obama’s return trip from Washington on Air Force One
  • $16,000 to rent nearby homes for Secret Service and Navy Seals
  • $134,000 for 24 White House staff to stay at the Moana Hotel
  • $251,000 in police overtime
  • $10,000 for an ambulance to be on hand at all times 


  • Michelle Obama and her daughters stayed at the Sebastian hotel on Vail Mountain, where rooms cost more than $2,400 for multi-bedroom suites.
  • The family appear to have flown there on Air Force Two.
  • They were escorted to the resort by about a dozen vehicles, including 15 state and local law enforcement officers.


  • The Blue Heron Farm estate, where the Obama family stayed, rents for about $50,000 a week.
  • Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama flew to the estate just hours before the president to make the most of the holiday - again, incurring extra flight costs.
  • According to U.S. News and World Report, the Coast Guard was required to keep ships floating near the property. The presidential helicopter and jet remain at the ready and security agents will be on 24-hour duty.


According to the Hawaii Reporter the costs were:

  •  $63,000 on an early flight bringing Mrs Obama and the children to Hawaii ahead of the President but add security and personnel for a total of about $100,000
  • $3,271,622 on Mr Obama’s return trip from Washington on Air Force One
  • $151,200  to rent nearby homes for Secret Service and Navy Seals
  • $72,216  for 24 White House staff to stay at the Moana Hotel


Further reading:

Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii vacation Michelle hits the slopes on Aspen ski trip

Obama Golfs With Tiger Woods While Michelle Vacations In Aspen



Hawaiian Vacation

In 2012, the Obamas' 17-day vacation to Hawaii cost taxpayers $4.1 million.

The Hawaii Reporter estimates that the total cost of the vacation to Hawaii and federal taxpayers, including funding for travel, staff and protection, is at least $4 million. Obama’s vacations are more expensive than those of previous presidents because of the huge costs to fly Air Foce One and an accompanying cargo plane for nine hours or so to Hawaii.

Vacation Cost Breakdown

With the staff, special forces, local police presence and equipment, the President's visit adds up annually to at least a $4 million vacation courtesy of the Hawaii and federal taxpayers.

While the President and his friends pay for their own rental homes, taxpayers pick up the cost of security and waterfront housing for the Secret Service, Navy Seals and Coast Guard as well as staff accommodations at a plush beachfront Waikiki hotel.

TRAVEL: $3,629,622

The biggest expense is Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii via Air Force One.

A Congressional Research Service report released in May 2012 said the plane typically used by the President, a Boeing 747, costs $179,750 per hour to operate.  The U.S. Air Force has listed the cost of travel as high as $181,757 per flight hour.

Travel time for Air Force One direct from Washington D.C. to Hawaii is about 9 hours or as high as $1,635,813 each way for a total of $3,271,622 for the round trip to Hawaii and back.

The cost for USAF C-17 cargo aircraft that transports the Presidential limos, helicopters and other support equipment to Hawaii has never been disclosed in the years the President has traveled to Hawaii. However, the flight time between Andrews Air Force Base and Hawaii is at about 21.5 hours roundtrip, with estimated operating cost of $12,000 per hour. (Source: GAO report, updated by C-17 crew member). The United States Marine Corps provides a presidential helicopter, along with pilots and support crews for the test flights, which travel on another C-17 flightThat is $258,000, not including costs for the 4 to 6 member crew's per diem and hotel.



Golf Double Standard:

The Press That Hated Bush Golfing Loves Obama’s Leisure Time

The frustratingly awesome game of golf is tarnished through association with either one of these two imbeciles.




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Reader Comments (6)

"Let them eat cake" should be her motto. It's one thing to do all the expensive trips at taypayers expense during normal times, but not during harsh economic times. Good leadership does not do things like this.
Feb 18, 2013 at 3:48 PM | Unregistered CommenterGreenLeaf
Pretty effin bizarre. Does anyone know how this stacks up with the rest of female potus?
Feb 18, 2013 at 9:38 PM | Unregistered CommenterSKINFLINT
if the stupid prick had any ability or talent beyond lying, I could overlook this waste. But since America is sitting on the sofa before the CFRtv with a diet Dr. Pepper in one hand and a bag of Cheetos in the other, hell will freeze over before the fake divine intervention false priests speak of occurs. People are brain washed. Charlotte Iserby is so right. The traitors of America loyal to queen lizard through Freemasonic , Knights of Malta, and Skull and Bones affiliation have done their job well. Genetic slag rules America through their stubborness to be stupid. No one remembers Dr. Linus Pauling's radioactivity studies, and the market is still being eaten by high velocity trading like hyenas on a kill. Maybe the live crucifixion of a nice person engulfed in flame will calm their savage beast within to get them to react to anything. When nothing left is unspoiled, time to start again? I prefer the immediate neutralization of The City of London. Don't damage the antiques, however.
Apr 8, 2013 at 1:56 AM | Unregistered CommenterHoward T. Lewis III
Great illustration of media double standard: Bush was criticized for his many "vacations" at his Crawford ranch, which was the "second WH" then. First Family didn't take taxpayer-paid vacations everywhere like the Obamas. Also, when we started the Iraq war in 2003, Bush gave up golf for the rest of his presidency. Moochelle lives like 21st century Marie Antoinette, but still gripes about being a "busy single mother". What chutzpah! I hope the morons who voted for the Manchurian President figure out what a mistake they made.
Apr 9, 2013 at 9:40 PM | Unregistered CommenterMonnie
Michelle Obama, daughters and mom promote girls' education in Morocco


MARRAKESH, Morocco (Reuters) - U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, her mother and daughters Sasha and Malia were joined by Meryl Streep in Morocco's Marrakesh on Tuesday on a six-day tour to try to promote girls' education.

More than a third of Morocco's population of 34 million is illiterate - one of the highest rates in North Africa, and the rate is higher for women at 41 percent, official data shows.

"I am sitting here now as the U.S. first lady, talking to you, because of my education," Michelle Obama told a dozen girls from different towns.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. government foreign aid agency, announced during her visit the allocation of $100 million to be spent on 100,000 Moroccan students, half of whom will be teenage girls.

The funds come from $450 million given by the MCC last year to boost education and employablity in Morocco.
Jun 28, 2016 at 1:02 PM | Unregistered Commenterjohn

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