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McCain Demands 'Watergate Style' Investigation Of Benghazi

Earlier today on Morning Joe, Sen. McCain calls for a special committee "like we had with Watergate" to investigate the Benghazi attack and White House cover-up.

Related story:

CBS releases even more unseen footage from Obama interview after Benghazi attack...


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Reader Comments (1)

1) We never should have started another war in Libya, but all the Washington whores, including McCain, couldn't get enough of a brand new shiny war boondoogle. Ruh-rah. Riding tall. My missle's bigger than yours, etc.

2) Weapons went missing.

3) The CIA went in to find same.

4) Apparently, it became an Iran-contra style op to arm mercenaries in Syria, starting yet another brushfire for WWIII, which was illegal and immoral, but something the entire "we love war" GOP would approve of.

5) They got caught out. The President did not go on teevee and outline 1-4 above. Cue surprise.

6) The new Operation Monica has been successfully launched to give the ho-bag GOP scum a way to insure this second term president who doesn't have to be re-elected doesn't manage to do anything beneficial for the country. It's not likely but it could happen, except we are about to be treated to years of GOP hypocritical bullcrap about honor and office and truth. Seriously, get out the barf bags now.
Nov 6, 2012 at 11:21 AM | Unregistered CommenterG Street

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