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Max Keiser To Star In BAILOUT 2 - Epic Feature Film In War On Banksters

First ever feature film to be fully bitcoin-funded.

Breaking news from the producers of Bailout.


By John Titus

Bailout 2 Website Launched @ Pirate My Film

As long-time Daily Bail readers know, the award-winning documentary Bailout, which minces no words about how fraud has driven nearly all economic misery since 2008, was birthed in the comments section of this website one crazed and deranged night in late 2010.

Unlike all other films about the financial crisis, Bailout shows the direct cause-effect relationship between the rash of criminal frauds perpetrated by Wall Street banks and the severe economic hardships on Main Street. Rather than upholding the Rule of Law, our government has rewarded the criminals with trillions in bailout money instead of jailing them.

The narrative driving Bailout is a road trip to Las Vegas by me and some unemployed friends, one of whom—comedian John Fox—narrated the trip and the film.

That wasn't exactly the idea in the original draft Fox and I cobbled together. Instead, we were just going to act our way through a series of wild capers on the road trip part of the film, playing ourselves. Here I will reveal an insider's tip on making a film: it needs a person called a “director,” not only to handle stuff like cameras but to make sure everything makes sense.

Fox and I immediately thought of Sean Fahey, who’d abandoned us at a bar five years earlier. Or an OTB. Whatever, Sean had somehow made quite a name for himself, even without our help, directing slews of badass music videos and high-end TV commercials.

“This is really great, guys. There’s only one problem,” Sean said as he flipped through the script. “You guys aren’t actors.”

“F*ck me,” I said to Fox. “I knew we forgot something.”

And thus was born Bailout the documentary. But more critically, that meeting was when Fahey showed us, rather than convincing us, that he had the balls to take the helm and actually implement on film the vision Fox and I had scratched out on 35 pages of notebook paper.

Sean and I had worked tirelessly with Fox so the “guy who tells f*ck jokes for a living” could narrate a film about mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps.  Fox was really proud of himself when the rough cut was done.  Sean and I were too, and told him so.

The relationship was nuclear in the sense that we all brought distinct but essential skills to the project. Fifteen months later, after a lot of growing pains all around, we had a rough cut that was chock full o' truth and had whiff of magic. Sean started working his contacts and shopping it around.

In the mean time, though, tragedy had struck when Fox was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in November 2011.  The crazy thing was that it never seemed to bother Fox, who said he'd shake cancer like it was a head cold.  Sean said he was better than ever on the last leg of the voice over work in California.  Until what would be the last session, that is, in January 2012.  Then Sean and I both knew it was over, not just for any Bailout sequels but for John Fox.


On Max Keiser discussing the film.  Start watching at 13:00.

Last year when I appeared on Max Keiser’s show to talk about the film, Fox watched from a hospice bed in Riverside, CA, where he was dying of colon cancer.

Fox mustered the strength to call me afterwards with a series of withering but hilarious one-liners ripping my delivery.

Three weeks later he was dead.

The real problem in finishing “Bailout” was hearing Fox’s jocular rasp in our earphones every hour of every day. It’s a rough way to let someone close to you go. But finish the film we eventually did. Then Sean and I both took some time off and made some changes in our lives until we sort of just came to recently…

It appears the wonderful world of Banksterism have been heating up. The Attorney General has all but formalized the de facto U.S. policy of not prosecuting TBTF banks no matter how many crimes they commit, or how serious those crimes are. And Cyprus is MF Global starring a sovereign government.

The writing is on the wall: Europe is about to get interesting.

Shortly before going on his show last year, Max had mentioned that Bailout 2 might be a good idea. While the film’s structure and subject matter lent themselves to sequels, Sean and I weren’t sure at the time if Max was just kidding around.

So while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish style, Sean starts pinging Max to see if he might be interested in a European sequel. After all, Max had seemed to really appreciate the fact that Bailout had pulled absolutely no punches in explaining and showing what these banking assholes have done to America. And that’s because it’s one of the truly independent films out there. (Most “independent” films are corporate shams.)

So now Bailout 2 is on its way to becoming a reality. Crucially, it will have a new star and a new narrator all in one—Max Keiser—who can match every bit of Fox’s infectious energy (and without the studio time necessary for 14 takes to get words like “kleptocracy” recorded correctly).

Max Keiser is a bona fide innovator who has stayed consistently ahead of his peers in reporting the truth about the financial economy, and Sean and I are really looking forward to working with Stacy and him on this project.

Bailout 2 will be the first ever fully Bitcoin-funded feature film.  We’re taking the good fight to Europe, where the bankster elites are inflicting even more pain on even more people than they do here.

Sean has gone live with Bailout 2 on piratemyfilm.com.  You can go there and learn more. And I’ll have some more updates here as we battle onward.

Stay tuned.



Producer John Titus has litigated patents in federal courts for nearly 20 years.  Bailout features Dylan Ratigan, Chris Whalen, Yves Smith, Chris Hedges and Karl Denninger.

It's finally here:

Watch a Trailer for BAILOUT



Previously from John Titus:

The United States Of Kleptocracy



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Reader Comments (6)

Going Gonzo On The Banksters: "Bailout" To Screen At Derby City Film Festival In February

Mar 25, 2013 at 7:49 PM | Registered CommenterDailyBail
BAILOUT: New Film Exposes United States Of Kleptocracy

Mar 25, 2013 at 7:50 PM | Registered CommenterDailyBail
Check out the update here.


They have raised close to $25K in the first day it seems. Cheyenne or the director Sean will add more detail here I'm sure. This is apparently the first feature film ever funded on pirate my film, though many short films have been funded successfully thru the site. This is going to be a pretty big deal, I think.
Mar 25, 2013 at 8:05 PM | Registered CommenterDailyBail
If you don't know much about bitcoin, episode 151 of the Keiser Report between the 15:00 and 26:50 marks is a great place to start. Max and Jon Matonis walk through the mechanics of transactions that clearly set forth the distinguishing characteristics of bitcoin:


In essence, bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that functions as a bearer bond, like a digital casino chip with a unique serial number. A bitcoin can be in the possession of only one user at a time due to its irreproducibility. As such, bitcoins do not suffer from the flaws inherent in both fiat currencies and online "money" like zenga dollars, which are explained at 3:55 - 6:25 of the same video.
Mar 25, 2013 at 9:51 PM | Registered CommenterCheyenne
The only terrorists in America are the banksters and Wall Street ..... and the federal politicians and judiciary that back them up.

Looks like a perfect application for missile drones, eh?
Mar 26, 2013 at 9:03 AM | Unregistered CommenterJohn Paul
Looking forward to the sequel and congrats to you and the crew!
Mar 26, 2013 at 5:02 PM | Unregistered Commenterjohn

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