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IBM Boondoggle Rips Off Taxpayers, NASCAR Wins Fight To Keep MILLIONS In Taxpayer Funding, Latest Data - Which Countries Own The Most U.S. Debt (LINKS)

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Reader Comments (4)

WTF? Why does the Pentagon need to spend a fucking nickel on advertising? They have a poverty draft, they don't need to talk people into joining, they do it to survive.
Jul 20, 2012 at 2:40 PM | Unregistered Commenterangryspittle
The United States military stopped defending the American people just prior to World War I. The military now protects corporate interests. That's why the right anf left don't want Ron Paul to be the next President, because he will insure that our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles, ect will stop fighting in other countries for corporate interests that have raped and plundered America; corporations that are preparing to pull the plug on We The People because they can no longer maintain the unfathomanable trillions of dollars of debt they created; they can't kill enough American soldiers to justify the debt any longer. Ditch the damn corporate Army car and spend those millions bringing manufacturing back to America; use those millions for that wasteful car to aid homeless veterans that the "Army" creates everyday. Sell the car; buy a home for a vet; pay for a vet to create more jobs for We The People.
Jul 20, 2012 at 9:44 PM | Unregistered CommenterStrayhorse
we was warned about the millitary industrial complex and it fell on def ears, now we are faced with the mentality of our goverment officials thinking if we start anouther war our industies that supply war equiptment will prosper, and it doesnt stop there , prizons are worked in the same manner they get 75 dollars a day to hold a person, that worked so well they have built more prizons in stead of fixing whats wrong. and the rothschild banking system that we have since 1914 has destroyed us though debt, and ontop of all that the people makeing bank off of all this the builderburgers whats depopulation of the not so rich that they will get by wars ,starvation, vaccinations, poisoning the water supply with flouride, and fracking chemicals and the list goes on and on. now ron paul does show some lite but how far do you think he will be alowed to go befor they stop him? we have more on our plate than most people know we have an intied system to restructure here and it took almost a hundred years to mess it up, and we dont have a hundred more to fix it. we know whats wrong we know what to fix, we just need to get off our asses and fix it. that constitution and bill of rights should be our guide and our law, we dont need to make a new on we just need to inforce the one we have. things may not be smooth to start with but they will improve with a littel time. we are awake and paying attention, god speed ron pual.
Jul 20, 2012 at 10:19 PM | Unregistered Commenterthad
As long as the dude behind the wheel continues to make left turns, he won't get lost and cut a swath through the crowd. If the military wanted to elicit enlistments of quality ignoramus material, they would dump the NASCAR and go CanAm or the LeMans race.
Skilled concentration and control of the self and the machine instead of full power going in circles until a crash seems more intelligent. Intelligence is something in short supply these days. Or if the U.S. Army listened to the FBI and Dick Cheney when they say there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the attack on 9-11, and had an army sponsored martial arts school where everybody, especially the youth, had a chance to use Bush41, Bush43, General Myers, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Eliot Abrams, Jeb Bush, Marvin Bush, Michael Aquino, Rudy Giuliani, et al, as practice dummies.
For our nation to heal and get the show back on the road, we MUST withdraw troops from harms way where they have no justifiable place and reassign them where they can get things straightened out. NASCAR circle racing is like a fucked up dog chasing its tail.
Jul 20, 2012 at 11:22 PM | Unregistered CommenterHoward T. Lewis III

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