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Clueless SEIU Bogs Down LAX On Busiest Day Of Year

A disgrace.  Union protesters are completely clueless.

It's worth the time to sit through the ad, and watch this report from CBS Los Angeles.

Somehow, the SEIU was given a permit to close down Century Boulevard in Los Angeles, directly in front of the airport for 45 minutes last Wednesday afternoon, the single busiest travel day of the year.

That alone is completely ridiculous.  And it gets worse when you hear the details.

It turns out the SEIU is really protesting the fact that its former members voluntarily voted to leave the union last year for better pay and benefits with a private company.

CBS Los Angeles

Nearly a year ago, 52 percent of union workers voted to switch to Aviation Safeguards from SEIU for what they say are better benefits.

As far as the union, they keep intimidating us.  They keep pushing us to go with them, but we are not part of them.  We don’t want to do anything with them,” worker Martin Storm told CBS2’s Kara Finnstrom.  “We are actually getting paid a lot better, and I have better health insurance than I did with the union.”

Continue reading...

UPDATE:  After several news outlets incorrectly reported the protest as a strike of 1,000 workers, a spokesman for Aviaiton Safeguards released the following statement:

To be clear, this is not a strike or a walk-out of employees at LAX, but an attempt by a union that does not represent Aviation Safeguards employees to disrupt holiday travel for hundreds of thousands of people.  In fact, most of the protesters on Wednesday will not even be LAX workers, but outsiders brought in by the union.


Listen to this emotional plea:

An SEIU organizer tugs at your Thanksgiving heart strings precisely at the 40-second mark.

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Reader Comments (2)

Goodbye Twinkies thanks to Unions and Dems

The Hostess Liquidation: A Curious Cast Of Characters As The Twinkie Tumbles


Gattaca Alert? Or Should We Welcome the New Age of Eugenics?


hmmm no where for regular people to go

SpaceX Billionaire Elon Musk Wants A Martian Colony Of 80,000 People

Nov 27, 2012 at 3:34 AM | Unregistered CommenterLadyLiberty
Nothing like ignorant American workers, they put Liberty in their name but have have no problem relegating their fellow workers into slavery. Had they paid attention to the real news, before parroting the disinformation media, they would have known that Hostess is already run into the ground for a cool Billion dollar by a consortium of vulture Capitalists. But let's blame that on the Unions because they are unwilling to come to the rescue and buy out the carcass.

Just a question: Did those vulture Capitalists ask the Unions permission to rake up that Billion dollar debt ?
The what is the whine about again ?

Workers had no say in the matter and therefore no responsibility in it either, despite all that, fact remains that workers still get shafted with the consequences of their boss's incompetence or in this case selfdestruction.

Karl Marx was right, the rich get richer through the destruction of Capital from the poor !
Nov 28, 2012 at 12:44 AM | Unregistered CommenterMoHawk

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