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Chinese Students (And Siddhartha) Openly Mock Tim Geithner

Aw...tax-cheat Timmy is welcomed by his former teacher from his days as an expat teenager in Asia.

You should admit that this story makes you happier than anything we have ever printed.  And you should also grasp the reality that this admission reveals that you are depraved, saddened creatures reduced to pettiness after months of following the greatest heist in the history of our Republic.  It's okay. We've been there for awhile.

At a minimum, it is unnerving to speak to a foreign audience.  When that audience follows US economic policy very keenly and happens to be the principal foreign funding source for our staggering national debt, it starts to get dicey.  Then add Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's penchant for spewing bullshit whenever the sun is out and you have a recipe for well...The Best Story Ever.

Simple is good.  Geithner is in China trying to sell a few trillion in U.S. Treasuries (translation: he's kissing Wen Jiabao's Totalitarian Ass <anyone remember Tibet?> so we can remain fat and happy in our slothdom of spending and generational rape).   He was speaking yesterday to a group of students from Peking University and said: "Chinese [US Dollar] assets are very safe."   The room then erupted into "loud laughter in response" according to journalists following the Treas head.

Karma is a bitch, especially in China.  Well played, Siddhartha, well played indeed.


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Reader Comments (9)

Nicely done, Daily Bail.
Jun 2, 2009 at 4:20 PM | Unregistered CommenterJames H
Turbo Timmy...Santa's EVIL Elf.......
Jun 2, 2009 at 11:18 PM | Unregistered CommenterAin't Bullshittin'
That was fucking hilarious. Very well done with the sarcasmo.
Jun 4, 2009 at 5:24 PM | Unregistered CommenterP-Zoil
"[Y]ou are depraved, saddened creatures reduced to pettiness after months of following the greatest heist in the history of our Republic."

Indeed. And don't forget "angry," "bitter," and "ready to tear shit up." BTW, Daily Bail, what the heck are we going to do about any of this? We write our Congressmen from time to time, we write to journalists and we talk to people about the bailouts when they'll listen, but what else can we do?

When The Daily Bail started up, there was talk of working behind the scenes to develop some kind of movement or mass action. Is any of that still in the works? Are we waiting for just the right moment? Is there anything to give us "depraved, saddened creatures" a few crumbs of hope, something we can work to make happen?
Jun 4, 2009 at 6:47 PM | Unregistered CommenterJames H
We have been CHina's bXXX since the Clinton's declared it Favority Nation!!
Sep 18, 2009 at 12:01 PM | Unregistered CommenterLiz
@ Liz

Truman (D) suspended the most favorite nation status of China after they invaded Tibet in 1951. The Carter (D) Administration first re granted most-favored-nation trading status to China in 1980, following the historic efforts of President Nixon (R) during the 1970's to restore diplomatic ties.

In April 1984, Ronald Reagan (R), paid a six-day official visit to China and became the first in-office U.S. president to visit China after the two nations established diplomatic relations. The Reagan administration sold avionics kits to upgrade China's F-8 fighter as well as improve submarine torpedoes and artillery shells.

Ironically, the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred on June 3, 1989, the day President Bush Sr. (R) was to inform Congress of his decision to renew MFN for the PRC. It is reported that 4,000 civilians lost their lives in that horrific slaughter, many of whom were run over by tanks. MFN was renewed anyway, ostensibly to encourage the communist Chinese government to change its ways through "constructive engagement."

The sell-out of America's interests is not limited to the siphoning of American wealth and technology into the Peoples Republic of China, creating a rival superpower in the way the Soviet power was set up. The U.S. has also leased the former Long Beach Naval Station to the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), a 600 ship corporation supervised by the Peoples Liberation Army (the one that "liberated" Tiananmen Square in 1989). COSCO is the same shipping company involved in smuggling the 2,000 AK-47's that were bound for California gang members and seized in Oakland last year. While COSCO gets America's largest container port, the U.S. Pacific Fleet is based in San Diego Bay. A single ship sunk in the bay's narrow inlet would effectively cork the Navy's ability to defend the U.S. in time of war.

Complicating strategic matters, COSCO has also leased the anchor ports on each side of the Panama Canal from the U.S. controlled government of Panama. The implications of this deal were clear to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA). During a March 19th session of the House National Security Committee, Hunter stated that "it looks like where ever the Chinese are going with major placements of companies in this hemisphere, they're [thinking in] strategic [terms]...." (Red China's Ocean Invasion, The New American 5-12-97). This is especially ominous considering the Chinese threat in November, 1995 to "nuke" Los Angeles in the event of a conflict over Taiwan.

If COSCO's new accommodations are causing any national security concerns, you wouldn't know by the way Washington officials hobnobbed with Chinese PLA General Chi. In 1989 Time magazine pointed out that "as chief of staff, Chi bears a major responsibility for the violence unleashed upon Beijing's citizenry by his troops." General Chi was originally scheduled to be received in Washington on December 10th, but that was "International Human Rights Day" and it wouldn't have been good press playing host to the officer who carried out the Tiananmen Square massacre. The flattery was moved up a day earlier and, at an honor cordon outside of of the Pentagon, then Secretary of Defense, William Perry, introduced General Chi as "my colleague, General Chi." Later, at a forum for military and diplomatic officials at the National Defense University, General Chi had the nerve to declare that "not a single person lost his life in Tiananmen Square". Eyewitness accounts put the Tiananmen death toll at 4,000. Perhaps Chi's penchant for brazen untruths and domestic bloodletting explains his cordial relationship with those in power in the U.S.

The role that China is being prepared to play in the emerging world order remains to be seen. We may be certain that the same powers that are building China up militarily and economically are gutting out America's military and economic strength. Rather than converting China to a free and open society, the U.S. is being converted into the Chinese model -- a system Beijing calls a "market economy with socialist characteristics." This is precisely what world socialism is. World socialism is being promoted worldwide by the system of international finance, and China's perfect compliance with that agenda is precisely the reason why they are a member of good standing in the world community of nations.

One day soon, Americans will wake up and realize that while they were going to work, voting, paying their taxes and coping with the cares of this life, their country was sold out from under them to a world dictatorship that cares nothing about their happiness or well being. It will then be too late to address the treasonous acts of American politicians who sold the country for their own profit. It will also be a fair recompense for a nation that has chosen its creature comforts over truth and righteousness.

Study Gramski to see what is happening, and remember your "heroes" were involved in this as well.
Sep 18, 2009 at 4:16 PM | Unregistered CommenterS. Gompers
COSTCO is a great organization, I get all my bulk food there. They also have some great prices and many convenient locations, I have not been to the one in Panama obviously but I think all their stores look the same and stock the same stuff.
Sep 18, 2009 at 6:57 PM | Unregistered CommenterGobias Bluth
Nietzsche went mad from his own bull crap.
Sep 18, 2009 at 7:14 PM | Unregistered CommenterS. Gompers

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