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Andy Rooney Explains The National Debt

'If politicians had to use silver dollars to pay off our national debt, maybe we wouldn't have one.'

This was recorded in April of 2009 when the debt crossed $11 trillion.  Three and a half years and 5.4 trillion later, there is no end in sight as four additional $1 trillion deficits are on the way before Obama leaves Washington in 2016.

Check the debt clock and decide for yourself.


UPDATEU.S. Now Borrows 46 Cents Of Every Dollar It Spends...

UPDATEReal National Debt Growing $100 Billion Per Week...


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Reader Comments (3)

I always enjoyed Andy.
Dec 21, 2012 at 2:34 AM | Unregistered CommenterS. Gompers
I a cristmass spirit haze,hehe, I would comment one an issue that is largly overlooked and not even mentioned that often, there are instituts and finnascial entetys that is doing their job properly and within a finnascial codex that is wjat I defind as Good.

Many Banks have no problem, many more does it OK, what we are winesing is the Fall of the Bigg f.... and all this Bailouts and Austeretys, is pushing the imballance to even more extrem imballance. Why the Goverment desided to keep, the to bigg to fail Banks is My greatest consern, afloat, is in that area, we all sould focus on. This catasrofe have wast implications and consequencess on the rest of the Banks.

This is the Mainstreet, that is wats been sacrifyed, Its not about Monetary policys as mutch as it is about Lack of Law and Regulations, the selfimposed regulation and marked(liberal hype) cant do it them selfs, this is glearingly aparent.

The truth about "liberalism" and "free marked" is that it is Monopoly, where the bigg ones, pulverices the small corps, by simply exloiting slave labor, in poor counrtys. And its usaly based on Bigger Margins, and when the price is the same, sallrys and all the rest that belongs to the worker, is pulvericed and gone, we end up with slavelabor.
I have a shoe manufactor I use as an example, Ecco, danish, exelent quality in the 80-90, but the price have manitined in the same level, but reaently the quality have plunged, the material and craftmanshipp is a missery and the shoes are not that good anymore, to putt it simple, and I have stopped to by that particulare brand, exaclty by the very same reason I byed it in the first time, price and qality. I dont usle a lott on Cars and sh... like that, but shoes, I by quality, it usaly payes of. But nit anymore, they have becomed meer Brands.
I simply dont by Ecco anymore, and its a personal boycott, and I will continue untill it moves BACK their productions back to Denmark.
What was the effect of this movment and price race to the bottom, more slave labor, in more counrtys.
The second impact, its also rearly mentioned is the Monopolys effect on the Home marked and its manufactures of Shoes, where are the diversety, where are all the differnet repairs shoops, where did it all go.
They couldnt fight slave labor, and prices that is To low.
And tax subsidicings and evations, corrupt poor counrtys, and their sheer size and finnascial muscels, its a dead end game for minor producers.
They are the victims of the lies about Free marked.
They have NEVER EVER created aditional Jobbs, thats a even bigger lie, they have destroyed more than anything else.
They have taken over and reduced our marked systematicly for decades, an their solution is simple, WE must reduce our salarys to abolut minimum, in order for Them to survive, thats a lie.
They have done the same to america as the To bigg to fail Bankings are doing.
They have ONLY made it, on the behalf of the rest, this servs ONLY few.

Lett the Monopolys fall, thats all you need to do, and the third seacret is that the Marked will aborb this event, within days.
Within days the finnascial problems would be gone..
Stopp the insane wars and I promise You this, within a year, You have saved the USA from the abyss.

Its the Intress thats our biggest enemy, that alone is plundering, and how it works sould be obvious by now.

Thats the ugly truth, and They know it, thats why the goverment is hamering down on Internett and alt. news sites.

My biggest consern is that greed is a bigger threat than anything else, the fact that "people" suport this Issues as "capitalism", well it not capitalism, it simply slave labor, as before, its only the ddefinitions that has been altered, slave labor is still slave labor.

Dec 21, 2012 at 4:47 AM | Unregistered Commentermikael
When you're tired of the world you're in. Try a new one:

Dec 30, 2012 at 5:46 PM | Unregistered CommenterSherrii

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