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Home Foreclousre Bailout News Video MSNBC: Hardball's Chris Matthews Interviews CNBC's Rick Santelli

The Rick Santelli video tour continues.  We are huge fans of Mr. Santelli and could not be more pleased that he and his viewpoints are finally getting their deserved attention.  Eventually, I'll get around to posting some of his older videos so readers will understand that rants of this sort are par for the course he plays. 

Richard has been telling the truth to CNBC viewers for almost a decade.  The rant is his natural style.  His daily reports from the CBOT are shouted into a faraway camera that captures the trading bustle on the floor around him.  The producer of his segments deserves substantial credit for having determined the best way to capture Rick's genius.  The appearance to viewers is a lone, loud voice of reason emanting from a sea of substantial human chaos.  Sometimes it's difficult to tell where he is visually in the shot, but you can always hear him.  It makes for great viewing and daily learning.

Before any of the Chicago Tea Party mania got started, Rick was simply the best analyst on financial televison anywhere.  Start watching his daily reports and listen closely as he analyzes the numbers.  I'm convinced Santelli could explain any topic in less than 60 seconds.  Barely slowing to breathe, this guy nails it day after day.  His best work can be seen when it's 8:29:59 on a normal morning and the day's economic numbers are being released.  He will get you the numbers, the reaction, and the anlysis seemlessly, again almost breathlessly.  It's 60 seconds of intensity.  Santelli is a fat high-speed broadband pipe straight to your brain while the other analysts are still dithering around with dial-up.

The above video clip is 6 minutes and is from an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews Friday evening.  For reference, the plan from Team Obama to bailout your asshat neighbor is the core of the discussion.  I'll say it again for the record, I voted for Obama.  I still have great hope that he and Geithner will reverse direction on the bailouts.  I'm praying Roubini is correct when he claims that Geithner is crazy like a fox.  But Chris Matthews is an absolute Obama apologist and has lost substantial industry credibility with his fawning.  Matthews gets his panties in a bunch when he thinks Santelli is atttacking Obama.  Somewhat sickening to watch.

There are several more Santelli interviews coming.  Please visit chicagoteaparty.com and register your email with them.  It will be the most important day for taxpayers in 236 years.



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