Tim Geithner Is A Worthless Piece Of Maggot Sh**T (Shockingly Offensive Bailout Rant From WalStreetPro)
Apr 28, 2010 at 5:23 AM
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Video:  If you haven't seen this before, buckle up...seriously

Yesterday's hearings were an exercise in frustration, anger and futility.  Then I watched some WalStreetPro and felt surprisingly better.  You do the math. 

If you don't like profanity, then don't watch.  Consider yourself warned.  And don't send me emails telling me I'm going to hell.  (I already know that and have made reservations.)  For the rest of you, get ready for a ride.

Give WalStreetPro a few minutes to get warmed up, and watch the clip to the very end.

For what it's worth, this is the video that helped to establish the Bail.  I found it late one Saturday night in January of 2009, during our first 2 weeks.  Close to 100,000 unique visitors saw it here during a 3-day stretch.

There are about 75 mildly amusing comments that go with the original story which you can read here if interested.  You can also see how I worked shamelessly to pimp the site (with links bombardment) to all the unsuspecting visitors.  Ouch.

NOTE:  To explain the site reference at the beginning of the clip -- this is not the original video.  The original was pulled by 'the youtube man' about 2 weeks after it was published (because of what Kevin/WalStreetPro does in the last 10 seconds).  It was so popular on our site that Kevin uploaded a new copy so viewers here could continue watching it, and the inconsistent 'youtube man' never found and deleted it.

We have since posted several more clips from WalStreetPro2.  I suppose you should click at your own risk.



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