Video: Mitt Romney Loves The Federal Reserve
Jan 24, 2012 at 9:27 AM
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Start your day on the wrong foot with 20 seconds from the Fed-loving GOP frontrunner.

Not everyone agrees with Wall Street tool Romney:

But this GOP candidate doesn't see a problem:

Nassim Taleb knows the truth and is optimistic:

And don't forget how Romney treats people in wheelchairs:

Besides, we should feel sorry for Mittens, considering he's unemloyed:

Ron Paul doesn't feel sorry for Mitt, and decided to take him to school last week:

And finally, Kucinich has the right idea:



Another clip from Romney where he makes it clear that the Fed doesn't need an audit.

Start watching at the 2-minute mark.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney takes his fund-raising machine to London next month, holding a reception aimed at wealthy American expatriates working at banks and hedge funds.





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