SIGTARP Special Agent Contacts ANONYMOUS: Plans to Investigate Bank of America for HAMP Fraud
Aug 22, 2011 at 2:04 AM
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Another look at this story from earlier this Spring.


This morning, Anonymous / OperationLeakS posted an email sent to them from a SIGTARP special agent asking for more information about BofA, particularly any information related to fraud connected with HAMP, Treasury's program for homeowners who get behind on their mortgage payments.

As we wrote yesterday, the emails from between OperationLeakS and the BofA leaker don't in themselves prove any wrongdoing, but they seem to indicate that the leaker does possess information about fraudulent handling of documents and insurance payments.  Intentionally losing track of payments and paperwork has been linked in many cases to force-placed insurance scams, but such errors could equally be relevant to cases where banks or servicers have gamed the HAMP program.

If there is in fact wrongdoing related to HAMP, any investigation by SIGTARP should uncover information directly relevant to force-placed insurance fraud, and possibly information relevant to the ongoing MERS fiasco.  In any case, SIGTARP's approach to information held by Anonymous and/or Wikileaks serves as a constructive contrast to the approach taken by the Department of Justice.

The email:


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