SIGTARP Neil Barofsky: "Housing Prices Must Be Allowed To Fall, Extend & Pretend Must Stop" (Awesome Clip)
Oct 5, 2010 at 7:35 PM
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Video:  Neil Barofsky with Neil Cavuto on FBN -- Aired yesterday

Excellent short interview focused on housing, the abysmal failure of HAMP (a TARP program so it falls under Barofsky's jurisdiction), and the government's nightmare policy of extend and pretend.  Barofsky is surprisingly candid considering his place at Treasury.  He adds that he expects to remain as SIGTARP for the next decade, and offers interesting comment on the growing foreclosure fraud crisis.

Runs 4 minutes.


If you want more truth on the housing bubble, there is only 1 website:



Here's a little taste of what extend and pretend means in practical terms:





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