EXPOSED: The Lies Of Hank Paulson (WATCH)
May 21, 2010 at 2:17 AM
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Video:  Michael Duffy of Time with Henry Paulson -- May, 2010

You really have to see this short clip.  The questions were apparently submitted by readers, but that's not the problem.  It's the lack of follow-up by Michael Duffy.  It is unconscionable.  He is a veteran journalist, so he has no excuse.  The same thing happens with Geithner interviews.

The lack of accountability for Paulson's lies means these aren't even questions, they're mushballs placed on a tee at about waist high.  And the wind is blowing out.


1 -- Paulson himself was a leading cause of the crisis -- SEC Rule Change on Leverage.

2 -- There was no armageddon, it was entirely fear-based propaganda.  Paul Kanjorski was and remains Paulson' accomplice in fear-mongering distorition.  Brad Sherman discussed the Martial Law fear tactics on the floor of the House. 







Internal reports within the Federal Reserve itself showed that TARP was not needed.  The commercial paper market for non-fiancial companies had NOT seized as claimed by Bernanke and Paulson:

Interesting that the lions share of the TARP funds was later paid out as bonuses to retain the "talent."  So much for the cash infusion being needed to recapitalize the Banks.  Of course, the Banks lobbied successfully for a mark to fantasy accounting scheme that was effective in further cooking the books.  Then the Federal Reserve bought these "under valued" assets at way above the true market price. 

It was one giant lie designed to fleece taxpayers and benefit bankers.  And despite overwhelming public opposition, it worked.  The reason why is even more distasteful to contemplate:

And career hacks like Michael Duffy play a part in the swindle with interviews that no longer resemble journalism.


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