Absolutely Must See CNBC Bailout Video: A Call To Arms From Your Leader: A Few Words From General Rick Santelli. Chicago Tea Party
Feb 19, 2009 at 1:42 PM
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Many of you are visiting this article from a link at Playboy magazine.  The accusations the authors make about our site are categorically untrue.  Neither of the writers made any attempt to contact me prior to posting their article.  We are a completely independent news site focused exclusively on the bailouts.  We have no absolutely no affiliation with or funding from any right-wing political groups.  We have no relationships with any centrist or liberal groups either.  Did I mention that we are independent. 

All readers are invited to visit our offices in Bloomington, Indiana to see for yourselves.  Thank you for having an open mind until you have read my response.  I extend the same invitation to the Playboy writers Mark Ames and Yahsa Levine.  I wish you had offerred me the courtesy of contacting me before you dragged our name through the mud. 

Take a moment to consider the glorious irony of Playboy magazine accusing someone else of being fake.  Thank you for that collective moment, as you just became me for a second.   


Our virtues torn asunder by the tyranny of our lords, we exist but for the faint tap of revolution.

Would we hear a revolution that shuddered violently in the cadence of the heart.

Would we hear a revolution that commenced upon a far-away hill.

Would we hear a revolution that was but the wrenching of one man's soul.

Our ears have strained.

With surprising alacrity, the Chicago Tea Party has already come to be.  For the first night in this often-harrowing, progeny-forsaken battle with our own leaders, the momentum has finally shifted to the good guys.  We suspect this will be the most important event for taxpayers of this nation in 236 years.  Dive into this primer on our last big tea party.  Rick mentions our Founding Fathers and particulary Thomas Jefferson as having some subterranean issues with our jaunt into socialism.  Try not to be alarmed if you read Jefferson's timeless quotes on Money and Banking, compiled here last week.  And below is our original commentary before the bells of revolution began ringing loudly tonight. 

Taxpayers finally have a leader and he is one of us.  For newcomers, his name is Richard Santelli and he toils daily on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, where he all-too-infrequently is allowed the opportunity to deliver his thoughts via CNBC.  Summarized: he's the smartest person on the entire network.  Attention CNBC producers: offer Rick his own show.  He is your one true superstar.  This man is respected universally by your viewers, yet he has gotten a few lousy minutes per day for 9 years now. Will someone in management at CNBC please wake the f up and get this situation corrected.  Without criticizing anyone personally, we viewers are forced to tolerate the many bubbleheads you parade in front of us because we have no real alternative.  But make no mistake, the CNBC volume is almost always on mute across the trading floors of the world, both large and small.  There is one and I repeat only one person on your air who sends millions of us scrambling to un-mute our remotes, and his name is Santelli.  So again, producers, with respect, wake up and give him the show he has long deserved. 

Rick, this message is to you.  You are a true American hero and there are no words to describe what you did today except your own.  Headquartered nearby, we will be helping the organization in whatever way possible.


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Updated with our response to the patently false and irresponsible accusations by Playboy magazine.

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