More Mortgage Bailout CNBC Video: Things Get Very Heated Between Santelli and Liesman. Santelli Launches
Feb 20, 2009 at 8:54 AM
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This is more video of Rick Santelli and Steve Liesman from yesterday.  Things get heated and Liesman tells Santelli to shut up as they shout over each other.  The question is simple: bailout your asshat neighbor or not?

How accidents can chage the course of history.  I'm sure we will hear the details in the fullness of time, but $20 bucks says Rick Santelli had no intention whatsoever of disclosing his private idea for a Chicago Tea Party on the air yesterday.  I've watched the video several times and it is certain that his emotion got the better of him and he let forth his siren call in frustration.  It's very unlikely that Rick or anyone else can yet grasp the magnitude what has now been unleashed.  Sadly for him, I believe his life has been forever altered.  If this unfolds as I suspect it will, a taxpayer revolution was born yesterday and he is the self-appointed leader.

Once his guard was lowered and his heart was in control, he shared an idea so fundamental and so in-tune with America's thinking that within 12 hours an official website had been launched at and a revolution born.  On CNBC's website this morning, there is a very popular poll.  The question is straightforward: would you join Rick Santelli's Chicago Tea Party?

A mind-blowing 200,000 of you have already responded to the poll.  Let that sink in. CNBC polls normally tally 15,000 respondents according to their site.  Currently 95% of voters have said 'yes'.  This is pure supposition, but I suspect that if it were held on a Saturday and somehow all 310 million of us lived within 100 miles of Chicago, that 200 million Americans would attempt to attend such a tax revolt.  Let's not kid ourselves, we have all wanted to do something symbolically defiant to our government at some point in the last few months, and a modern day Chicago Tea Party is pretty much the coolest idea we've ever heard.

Santelli gave birth to the most beautiful accident in the history of our republic.  Finally, someone with a pulpit has taken their moral responsibility seriously and done something.


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