Zakaria Interviews Geithner, Discusses Goldman Sachs & Financial Reform With Spitzer, Sorkin, & Martin Wolf
Apr 26, 2010 at 7:22 PM
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Video:  CNN's Zakaria with Geithner, Spitzer, Sorkin, Wolf & Shlaes -- April 25, 2010

Another excellent clip from this weekend.  Zakaria doesn't understand the implications of Goldman and Paulson creating synthetic CDOs (Abacus), pushing them on unsuspecting clients and then shorting them.  But the discussion has value nonetheless.  Wolf, Sorkin and Spitzer provide interesting perspectives.


Intro from CNN:

We discuss everything from Goldman Sachs to economic and political brawls in the US and abroad. First, Fareed has a candid conversation with Timothy Geithner, US Secretary of the Treasury. Then, we have a great panel featuring: Eliot Spitzer, Slate columnist and former NY governor and attorney general; Andrew Ross Sorkin, the chief mergers and acquisitions reporter for the New York Times and author of Too Big to Fail; Martin Wolf, Financial Times' chief economics commentator; and Amity Shlaes, Bloomberg columnist and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.




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