"Where Are The Wall Street Prosecutions!" - Gretchen Morgenson Agrees With Spitzer & Angry C-SPAN Callers
Apr 16, 2011 at 12:41 PM
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Video - NYT's Morgenson and William Cohan on CNN's Parker & Spitzer - Jan. 27

Editor's Note: You can also watch this clip on Youtube if you want a larger picture.  In 2011, CNN still does not allow their youtube content to be embedded, which explains why their clips rarely get seen.  Earth to CNN, wake up fools.  Ths shared video world is passing you by.

Gretchen Morgenson has covered the financial crisis better and more extensively than just about anybody in the print media.   Cohan is the author of House of Cards about the collapse of Bear Stearns.

In this clip, Morgenson, Cohan and Spitzer are asking the same question:  Where are the prosecutions for crimes connected to the financial crisis?  Geithner and Bernanke also take a beating for failures of regulation and oversight during the build-up.  Spitzer calls it "The Peter Principle on steroids."  Great discussion -- they sound like they've been reading the Daily Bail.


Morgenson on C-SPAN from a weeks ago...

Great discussion.  A righteous call.

In this clip, Morgenson appears on C-SPAN's Washington Journal.  If you've ever watched this show you know that the people who call in can be a little nutty.  But these days, nutty (in an angry kind of way) just makes sense.

Callers on the day that Morgenson appeared are IRATE that almost no white-collar criminals have been prosecuted for financial crimes.  First caller says we better start seeing some prosecutions soon or else "something like Egypt [is going] to happen here."  Right on, brother.

Morgenson pretty much agrees with him and the other callers, noting that prosecutor and Department of Justice inaction, in light of trillions of dollars in financial damage, is a "burning question" -- one that she gets asked over and over by people from all over the country.


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