Watch Geithner Get Blasted By Congress: "How Can A Number That You Know Has Been Manipulated Possibly Be The Best Choice For Bailouts?"
Aug 3, 2012 at 4:35 PM
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This is an outstanding compilation clip of today's testimony from Reuters.  Runs 3 minutes.

Tim gets seriously blasted by a Congressman I don't recognize, but it's extremely entertaining.  Then Hensarling rips him for awhile.  Then Barney Frank blames the Bush administration for the Libor scandal.  Then Geithner, in response to Mike Capuano, closes the clip with 20 seconds of unadulterated bullshit.  Something about 'high ethical standards and always punishing those who commit fraud.'

Oh really, Tim?

What about Jon Corzine, the corrupt Obama bundler who stole $1.6 billion from his own clients.  Do you have any problems with his behavior?  Why isn't he taking ass-defense courses and choking down Valium in preparation for trial and 20 years in San Quentin, instead of sipping foo-foo drinks in St. Croix with Dick Fuld.

Stop lying under oath, you mealy-mouthed prick.  And leave already.  Goldman finished decorating your new office months ago.


From earlier today:


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