VIDEO - Rahm Emanuel On Occupy Chicago Arrests
Oct 26, 2011 at 4:17 PM
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From Cheyenne, who lives in Chicago and has visited frequently with the protesters:

Rahm is so totally full of shit it's incredible. He follows in the long tradition of Barney Fife, who runs around making sure that each and every nit-picking park ranger regulation is strictly enforced against people exercising their 1st amendment rights. And yet, when Rahm's crony capitalists on Wall Street engage in high-frequency quote-stuffing (which is per se illegal) to loot trillions from the public purse, Rahm "We Must Enforce the Law" Emanuel turns a blind eye and keeps his mouth shut.

Not surprisingly, the invective of the protesters is aimed at Rahm's Wall Street crybaby capitalists, who pay their minions like Rahm to get up like a dancing bear and make videos like the one posted here. 

It's just absurd.

I've now been to #Occupy protests in Chicago, Boston, and New York. (Up next: Elkhart, IN.) The protesters vary widely in age, are resourceful, smart, and follow their General Assembly procedures to a fault. Moreover--in sharp contrast to the Wall Street waterboys masquerading as our "government"--they are transparent about what they do.

Rahm Emanauel may well be the best face to represent what a wholly illegitimate government looks like. Consent of the governed, my ass.


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