VIDEO - Banking Troglodytes Cowen & Lenihan Show Respect For Billionaire Bondholders 
Dec 21, 2010 at 5:28 PM
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Video - tweedle dumb & tweedle dick...

Brian & Brian joint presser to announce the IMF, EU bailout.  Not a lot to this clip beyond further demonstration that banks and their bondholders control governments from Greece to Geithner's United States.

Anglo Irish Bank was a den of rampant and pernicious private development fraud that lined political coffers from here to Dublin.  It should have failed, and its executives jailed.  Instead, it survives by capturing the political class, and earning some alone time with the global bailout teat.

Next up, Portugal, Spain, then a solvency test for the Euro core.  When that's finally complete, attention will turn to U.S. insolvency.



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