Video: Alex Jones Arrested & Kidnapped For Asking George W. Bush A Question About The Federal Reserve
Oct 5, 2009 at 12:50 PM
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Just a little fun for a Monday morning, but probably not for Jones and his camera crew.  Clip is from 1998 during a Bush rally.  Considering that thing we call the First Amendment, I'm somewhat surprised Jones didn't sue.  Where the heck was the ACLU? 

Don't miss the last minute where Jones tees off.


(Tip from JBDynamite)

(Text is from the youtube page)

During a 1998 Bush rally and speech at DuPont Photomask Facility, Alex asks the following question:

Alex is then grabbed by Texas police, taken outside and handcuffed.  The cameraman is threatened as he films the entire incident.  Afterwards, Alex was kidnapped and driven around for half an hour before being thrown out on the side of the road.  All for the crime of asking a question!


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