Thursday Morning Links (Bill Clinton Edition July 23, 2009)
Jul 23, 2009 at 4:13 AM
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Bill Clinton

"I feel your pain."  Can you feel mine?

Teenage Bill Clinton Meets Kennedy

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

No special reason for the Clinton photos.  Inisde I placed my favorite "I feel your pain" picture of Bill.  I have included the famous black & white of a teenage Clinton, meeting and shaking hands with JFK.  Those photos and 27 links are after the jump.


Could You Survive Without Money...?  Meet The Man Who Does

Bernanke Editorial: The Fed's Exit Strategy

France's Christine Lagarde Says G20 Must Limit Bank Bonuses

Larry Summers: Growth Is In Doubt For 2010

Bernanke Voted World's Best Central Banker

CIT's $3 Billion Rescue Might Not Create Permanent Cure

'Madoff Legislation' Would Charge Rich Inmates For Their Incarceration

Western Union Apologizes After Imposter's Tirade On Conference Call (bizarre & hilarious)

Endowment Losses From Harvard To CalTech To Duke

Bad Loans Still Haunt Banks

NY Observer Profile of CNBC's Dennis Kneale

Jon Friedman Profile Of Dylan Ratigan's Morning Meeting

SEC Head Shapiro Doesn't Want The Fed To Get Increased Regulatory Authority

Financial Lobbyists Fight Against Proposed Consumer Protection Agency

ABC Podcast Interview With SIGTARP Neil Barofsky

Jamie Dimon's Options Windfall

Swiss Banks Continue To Freeze Out US Clients

Statement From T. Boone Pickens About The Sidewalk Stealing Incident

Keeping Up With The Goldmans

Which College's Graduates Earn The Most Dough

14-Year Old Overdoses From Chewing 105 Pieces Of Nicotine Gum In 25 Minutes

Would You Stand On A Plane For Cheaper Tickets?

Life Imitates Art: Citigroup Seizes Resort Where AIG Held Famous Executive Retreat

Mortgage & IRS Liens Push Actor Stephen Baldwin Into Bankruptcy

Shave A Trader (strange satire)

Bernie Madoff Spoof On-Line Prison Personal Ad

2 NY State Workers Got High On The Job And Earned Thousands In Extra Pay



If you have a second, email these links to a friend.  It helps educate, spread awareness and eventually it might even help to stop the heist.  Thank you!


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