Thursday Afternoon Links (15 Stories July 23, 2009)
Jul 23, 2009 at 2:33 PM
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Ex-Lehman Trader Turned Author Says Fuld Was Warned Repeatedly To Scale Back

Morgan Stanley Has The Worst Commercial Real Estate Portfolio On The Street

Moodys: US Banks Face An Additional $470 Billion In Losses Over The Next 18 Months

Obama Proposes New Transaction Fees For Risky Financial Transactions

CIT Hit With Interest Rates More Than 25 Times Libor

Did Paulson And Geithner Lie About Lehman Circumstances?  (older but relevant)

Democrats Spar Over Medicare

Iffy California Budget Deal

Grayson's Youtube Success

Sub-Prime Slime Brokers Are Back Working In...Mortgage Modifications

Bankers' Manifesto Of 1892

Geithner Slammmed For His Asian IMF Failures

Greenspan Forgot Where He Put His Asset Bubble

Brian Kilmeade Apologizes For Racist Pure Species Comment

Kilmeades's Comment That Caused The Uproar

Thursday Links Part 1 (27 Articles From This Morning)

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