The Daily Show Comedy: Paulson, Bernanke Loan Interview with Jon Stewart (Video)
Jun 20, 2009 at 3:34 AM
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I believe these 2 clips were the first we ever posted from The Daily Show.  They might still be the 2 best ever.  I just watched them again and lost my freshly-prepared cookies and milk all over the floor with a jerkish, whole-body laugh. Unless you were here from the beginning, you probably haven't seen these.  It's a requirement.

It's my breakfast of champions this morning as I prepare for an 8 am tee time and full-scale Battle Royale with Smitty and Clay, whom I've known since elementary school.  Clay and I got in a fight the first day of school during recess on the first day we met in 4th grade.  The fight involved the blood sport of Tetherball.  I imagine I needn't say more.

I have to prepare myself mentally to carve him into small pieces for later feeding to my dogs, while becoming like Buddha so as not to react to his pedestrian, psychological ploy of mentioning past moments of failure once I've begun my putting stroke .  Nothing is off-limits and with consideration that Clay is a certifiably-insane chemist for Eli Lilly, I must also be prepared for chemical attack.  It is not out of the question.  Eighteen holes of hell in 95* heat, and I believe I have a firm date with destiny.  I'm going low.

Watch the clips.

Bailout Comedy Collection


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