Sunday Links Part 1 (July 12, 2009)
Jul 12, 2009 at 8:12 PM
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I've been digging since the last one.  Here's the first installment.  Fifteen links inside.

The shortcut around subscriptions: if a story links to the WSJ, the NYT, or the FT, (and you don't have a subscription) just highlight the article title from the page where the story is blocked, and paste it into a google search.  For example, you will be able to read the entire story by clicking on the google result for the WSJ article that previously only showed you a portion.

The Secret Plan For Citigroup

Treasury Works On Plan 'C' For Banks

Debt To GDP Ratio: What Is Acceptable?

White House Ponders Whether To Re-Appoint Bernanke

Fed's Elizabeth Duke Warns TARP Banks To Hold Onto Their Bailout Cash

Barney Frank Wants To Pay Your Mortgage If You Lose Your Job


Lehman Pays Bankruptcy Advisors $262 Million for Nine Months of Work

Exit Package For GM's Wagoner Is In The Works

Stimulus Plan Includes $18 million To Build One Website

Australian Town Bans Bottled Water

More On July 4th Cyber Attacks

Bing Vs. Google: Side By Side Comparison

Obama's Support Eroding Everywhere

Dr. James Galbraith: No Return To Normal

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