Spring Break Is Over...Did I Miss Anything?
Mar 31, 2010 at 12:09 PM

I took 2 weeks off last Spring for sanity and decided to do the same this year.  Sorry for not alerting regulars (and email and rss subscribers) to my layoff, but once I step away the rule is 'no site visitation under any circumstances.'  These 2 weeks along with a week at Christmas are the 2 times per year when I step away from the interweb.  Played golf a bunch, went to the gym 5 or 6 days and dropped rainbow 3-pointers on America's youth, went fishing twice, found a friendly Chocolate Lab on the street at midnight in the rain (no collar), took him in and found his owners a few days later.  His name was Buster.  Worked in the yard and drank some beer.

Otherwise, my decompression failed. 

I can't believe we gave insurance companies 32 million additional customers and allowed their state monopolies to remain intact. 

The MSM needs to stop generalizing.  I think we need a group called 'tea for non-racists opposed to deficits and growth in government.'  We're not all the same.  Stop treating us as such.

Republicans are now locked in a love embrace with Wall Street.  The Luntz Doctrine and related talking points have become de facto strategy.  The Senate bill, if there is one, will be weak.  'Too Big To Fail' is not being addressed.  Limits on leverage are absent.  And there is no meaningful regulation of credit-derivatives.

I haven't read emails or comments since March 16th and will slowly get through everything in the next few days.  Hope everyone survived and none of you were arrested in DC or Michigan.  Posting should return to normal over the next day or so.


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