Seriously, What Do You Got? (With Help From Gasparino & Ratigan)
Jul 4, 2009 at 12:57 AM

I have questions...I need feedback on the site.

  1. More comedy or less comedy.
  2. More financial videos or fewer.
  3. Do you want links to other stories to open in a new tab/window or do you want to go directly to the linked article and then use your 'back' button to return here.
  4. Do you want just the photos on the front page with the rest of the story inside or do you want the entire post on the front page so you don't have to click through.
  5. I generally put the clips inside so as not to slow the load of the front page.  Too many videos can clog it.
  6. For RSS Readers, do you care which version of RSS you get.  I have links to both regular RSS and Feedburner active on the site, and I keep thinking I should just choose one.
  7. What else you got  (watch it...Gasparino & Ratigan).  All suggestions are welcomed.

The mgmt.



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