Ron Paul & Keynesian Robert Reich On Larry King (VIDEO)
Feb 2, 2010 at 11:36 AM
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Video:  Congressman Paul with Reich and Larry King -- January 25, 2010

The entire clip is worth watching (the slight audio annoyance disappears after the first break), but make sure not to miss the last 90 seconds.  Starting near the 8:20 mark, Paul finally lets loose on 'money-printing' Keynesians and their Fed accomplices.


From Sonic Ninja

Robert B. Reich, listen and learn:

1) Hoover was one of the greatest tax and spenders of all time. Hoover was a consistent critic of capitalism. Hoover tried to prop up wages. Hoover crippled international trade. Hoover was NOTHING like Ron Paul.

2) The fact that you say FDR and his huge increases in government spending and strong arm tactics (forced bank 'holidays' which caused panics, confiscation of gold, paying farmers to destroy crops while people went hungry in an attempt to manipulate prices, forcing small businesses to adapt to NRA codes which were drawn up by big businesses and labor unions, ie, the partners of government, and the birth of the forced ponzi scheme we call social security) which MIRED us in a depression--btw--they called it the GREAT depression, in case you haven't heard--''helped' us shows me how twisted your propaganda is.

It was not the war, but the reallocation of resources AFTER the war that reset the economy away from sectors that were artificially manipulated in the 30s' (by the gooferment) and towards sectors that were more in demand--done via the intelligent decisions of free individuals.

3) The fact that you think a WAR--which is DEATH and DESTRUCTION proves anything--ANYTHING!!--shows me you are a SICK SICK MAN!!

Robert B. Reich--hang your head in shame!!






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