Ron Paul Is Asking For Your Help, HR 1207 'Has Been Gutted'
Nov 2, 2009 at 3:17 PM
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Video: Congressman Ron Paul Needs Your Help With HR 1207 -- November 2, 2009

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By now you've seen this.  The Fed's handyman is North Carolina Democrat Mel Watt.  His contact information is below.  No need to waste your time on Brad Sherman and Alan Grayson, their votes are already locked up for our side.  The remainder deserve a phone call.

From Daily Paul

Below are the thirteen Democratic Co-Sponsors of HR 1207 on the House Financial Services Committee that Dr. Paul mentioned in his video -- plus two bonus members!  Contact them and respectfully demand that they stand firm on a real audit of the Fed, and to restore the original language of HR 1207.  Let them know that we're watching, very carefully.

Rep. John Adler, NJ (202) 225-4765, fax: 202-2250778
Rep. Travis Childers, MS (202) 225-4306, fax: 202-225-3549
Rep. Steve Driehaus, OH (202) 225-2216, fax: 202-225-3012
Rep. Alan Grayson, FL (202) 225-2176, fax: 202-225-0999
Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, TX (202) 225-2531, fax: 202-225-5688
Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, FL Toll Free: 1-877-956-7627, fax: 202-226-9299
Rep. Dan Maffei, NY (202) 225-3701, fax: 202-225-4042
Rep. Brad Miller, NC (202) 225-3032, fax: 202-225-0181
Rep. Walt Minnick, ID (202) 225-6611, fax: 202-225-3029
Rep. Ed Perlmutter, CO (202)-225-2645, fax: 202-225-5278
Rep. David Scott, GA (202) 225-2939, fax: 202-225-4628
Rep. Brad Sherman, CA (202) 225-5911, fax: 202-225-5879
Rep. Jackie Speier, CA (202) 225-3531, fax: 202-226-4183

Rep. Mel Watt. DC: Tel. (202) 225-1510, Fax (202) 225-1512
Charlotte, NC: Tel. (704) 344-9950, Fax (704) 344-9971
Greensboro, NC: Tel. (336) 275-9950, Fax (336) 379-9951

Rep Barney Frank, DC: Tel: (202) 225-5931, fax: (202) 225-0182
Newton, MA: Tel: (617) 332-3920, Fax: (617) 332-2822
New Bedford, MA: Tel: (508) 999-6462, Fax: (508) 999-6468
Taunton, MA: Tel: (508) 822-4796, Fax: (508) 822-8186


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Video: One Man's Painful Reaction


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