RAW VIDEO | 2,000 Muslims Riot And Set Fire To Bulgaria's Largest Migrant Camp
Nov 26, 2016 at 3:42 AM
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Russia Today

Bulgarian riot police clashed with around 2,000 refugees in the country's largest migrant camp in the town of Harmanli. The facility houses around 3,000, mostly young, male and Afghan migrants. The riot was caused by a quarantine, with the camp having been sealed off following reports of skin disease outbreaks among its residents. Some men carry dangerous diseases that were previously thought to be extinct in Europe. The inhabitants protested against the temporary restrictions on leaving the center due to the risk of spreading the infection.

The refugees threw rocks at the police, set mattresses and furniture on fire and damaged structures within their own camp. 250 police officers, firefighters and gendarmerie were deployed. Riot police fought off the angry crowd with water cannons.

Bulgaria, the EU's poorest member state, has toughened its border controls to decrease the flows of illegal migrants. A security fence was built on its border with Turkey, while some 17,000 migrants have been detained since the start of the year, according to Reuters. Yet, Bulgarian nationalists have staged a number of protests recently, saying the country cannot support migrants even in lower numbers.



Bulgarian police officer speaks about the initial attack...


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