Ratigan To Barney Frank: The Financial Lobby Owns Your Committee (Must See)
Mar 19, 2011 at 2:25 PM
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From the archives, one of the greatest moments in truth and cable TV.

Infographic and more details inside from the Sunlight Foundation.


Video - Barney Frank With Dylan Ratigan - Oct. 14, 2009 - Runs 1 Minute

From the Sunlight Foundation

One year after the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression, Congress is still debating new regulations to protect consumers and prevent risk-taking in the financial sector.  The House Committee on Financial Services is currently undertaking the important first step of writing, amending and voting on some of the pieces of the long-proposed financial regulatory reform.  While debating these issues top committee members have been the recipients of disproportionate campaign contributions from the very industry that they are tasked with regulating.



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