Rahm Emanuel's Angry Twitter Stream Regarding His Disqualification From Chicago Mayor's Race
Jan 24, 2011 at 6:58 PM
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This guy has over 12,000 followers on Twitter and I'm sure most of them are just from today...





Ballots To Be Printed Without Rahm Emanuel’s Name

While Rahm Emanuel fights an appeals court decision booting him from the Chicago mayor’s race, the ballots will be printed without his name, the head of the city’s election board said Monday.

CBS 2′s Roseanne Tellez reports, with absentee voting beginning on Jan. 31., the deadline to get the ballots to the printer is this week.

“We are going to press pursuant to the the appellate court’s ruling with one less candidate for mayor,” said Langdon Neal, the chairman of the Chicago Board Of Elections. “We’ve already been in contact with our printer and the process for printing ballots is now underway.”

If the state’s Supreme Court reverses today’s ruling, Neal said, the Board Of Elections will make the necessary adjustments.




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Rahm Emanuel thrown off the ballot for Chicago mayor

The front-runner doesn't meet residency requirements, a state appeals court says, reversing the elections board. The former congressman and Obama chief of staff plans to appeal.

Emanuel, a former congressman, has been the front-running candidate in the race to succeed retiring Mayor Richard Daley. The latest poll by the Chicago Tribune showed Emanuel at 44%, more than double his closest rival, former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun.

In a 2-1 ruling Monday, the appellate panel said Emanuel does not meet the residency requirement of having lived in Chicago for a year prior to the election. The judges reversed a decision by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, which had unanimously agreed that Emanuel was eligible to run for mayor.

"We conclude that the candidate neither meets the [Illinois] Municipal Code's requirement that he have 'resided in' Chicago for the year preceding the election in which he seeks to participate nor falls within any exception to the requirement," the majority judges wrote.



Video - Rahm Emanuel reacts to a court ruling throwing him off the ballot

Recorded earlier today...


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