PHOTO: The Tallest Fed Chairman In History
Apr 9, 2016 at 12:59 AM
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Tall Paul Volcker...


USA Full Time Employed

2015: 122m
2007: 123m

- persons who left the labor force since 2008? 17m

Bloomberg data

— Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) June 5, 2015


Student loan debt rose in Q4 to $1.32 trillion

— St. Louis Fed (@stlouisfed) April 7, 2016



Cramer: Donald Trump is right, there's a stock bubble

U.S. needs long-term growth plan, not more stimulus: Fed's Bullard

Millions of students may never repay their student loans 

Trump will end up 55 delegates short of 1,237: Forecaster

Big banks need $9 billion 'worst case': Moody's

Fed's Dudley: Gradual path to rate hikes appropriate (CNBC interview)

Bill Black: The Myth that Obama’s Taking Huge Contributions from Wall Street Was Fine

Fed's Kashkari: Risks still lurk in banking system (CNBC interview)

Jamie Dimon Tells Us We Need to Leave Too Big to Fail Banks Alone

Feds keep pushing Apple to unlock phones in Brooklyn, Boston cases

El-Erian: We're at the top end of this range bound market (CNBC interview)

Trump economic/debt plans impossible: Bowles-Simpson

First-quarter economy looks bleaker by the day...

This is ONE HELL of a bad chart...


Founder of Mossack Fonseca denies the company has done anything wrong.


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