Obama's Rules For Assassinating U.S. Citizens
Mar 22, 2013 at 1:58 PM
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No rules for Obama's kill list.

Ben Swann with an assassination update.  More video below.

About a third of the way into in a Department of Justice white paper explaining why and when the President can kill American citizens, there is a citation that should give a reader pause.  It comes in a section in which the author of the document, which was given to members of the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary committees last year—and obtained by Michael Isikoff, of NBC, on Monday—says that this power extends into every country in the world other than the United States, well beyond those where we are engaged in hostilities.

The reference is to an address that John R. Stevenson, a State Department legal adviser, gave before the Association of the Bar in New York in May, 1970, to justify the Nixon Administration’s incursion into Cambodia.  Does that make everyone, or anyone, feel better about what the Obama Administration has decided it can do, or the extent to which it thought through the implications, unintended consequences, precedents, and random reckless damage it may be delivering with this policy?

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Bill Moyers Report:

The legal and ethical case against drones.

Vicki Divoll, a former general counsel to the Senate Committee on Intelligence and former deputy legal adviser to the C.I.A.'s Counterterrorism Center, and Vincent Warren, Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, talk to Bill Moyers about legal, ethical, and judicial issues involved in U.S. unmanned drone attacks and whom they target.  Jan. 30, 2013.



Eric Holder questioned over Kill List policy:

Note the question at 1:45 for hypocrisy.


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