Nassim Taleb says "The Federal Reserve Will Be Gone In 25 Years," Ridicules Geithner Publicly And Accuses Krugman Of 'Stealing Assets From Your Grandchildren' (VIDEO)
Aug 17, 2011 at 10:36 PM
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Originally published in October 2010.

Runs 1 minute.  The focus of this first video is Paul Krugman.

We love how Taleb gets personal with his attacks.  It's obvious that he does not like Geithner, Bernanke and Krugman.  Just last week he told Reuters that he walked out of a meeting with Geithner and wouldn't shake his hand.

A little context -- this was recorded last Friday at the Washington Ideas Forum.  The humor is that the previous speaker, on the same stage and to the same audience, was Tim Geithner, spreading TARP bailout propaganda and lies.  Geithner finishes, and out walks Taleb who says squarely -- I'm paraphrasing:



Source:  Huffington Post

Deficits "will break the Fed" and it will be replaced, he predicted.

That debt is made more dangerous, Taleb said, by the increasingly complexities of the financial system, a problem that he said has not been ameliorated during the last three years. "Debt and complexity are not friends," he said, because "complexity causes unpredictability," and heavy debt burdens mean one false move, whether by an individual actor or a system, could spell disaster.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, a popular columnist for The New York Times, "doesn't understand" the economic situation the U.S. finds itself in, Taleb claimed, nor do most economists.

Because of the significant rise in debt, within 25 years "anything fragile will break," Taleb said. That includes the Fed, he argued, because the Fed "fragilized this country."


Taleb says the Fed will eventually fail...

This is the full discussion, inlcuding Geithner, FED and other comments.

Source:  The Atlantic

Taleb explained his simple metric for judging whose economic opinions are worth his time:

Taleb took issue with Krugman's support of deficit spending.

Asked where the economy would be in 25 years, Taleb gave the vague response that:



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