Must See Video: Fox News Hacked
Jun 8, 2011 at 2:32 PM
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Update:  It was an elaborate hoax...


Video was originally uploaded by who claims to have hacked into the FoxNews news ticker on 6th avenue in NYC.  We can't confirm or deny authenticity of the video.

A couple thoughts on this clip.  We applaud the anti-corporate cojones displayed but the politics are disastrously incorrect.  The false and destructive Left-Right narrative is insane, malignant and wrong.  Rightwingers, leftwingers are cut from the same piece of loyalist cancer, and unions are neither the answer, nor the problem.  Corporations and their K-Street lobbying whores run the United States.

While luddite party tribalists fight each other ad nauseum, GE and Exxon pay no taxes, and Bernanke keeps printing.  The K street lobbying machine is the enemy, not fellow citizens.  Corporations win no matter which side is in power, and as long as partisan tribalists continue to dominate, our country will never again be of the people.

Carry on with your day, as you are mindful of the truth.

This is the real problem...




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Update:  It was a hoax...

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