Morning Links (Friday July 10, 2009)
Jul 10, 2009 at 2:11 PM
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I'm putting all 16 links inside...the front page is getting too crowded.

Unwinding At AIG Leads To Thoughts of Systemic Failure  (outstanding)

Analyst Says AIG Equity Is Likely Worthless

FDIC Says 'No' to Backing CIT Debt  (thank you, Sheila)

Fed Prez Stern Says Regulations Won't Solve Too Big To Fail

Fed Vice-Chair Kohn Says Interest Rates Will Rise If Fed's Independence Is Damaged

Elizabeth Warren Warns Of $2 Billion in TARP Warrant Losses for Taxpayers

Banks Haggle Over TARP Warrant Repayment

Goldman Sachs Loses Its Grip On Its Doomsday Machine

The Economist On Bankslaughter

More On The Bankslaughter Proposal

Liar Loans Are Coming Back

Lenny Dykstra Personally Bankrupt

Too Big To Bail

Treasury Dispute With Neil Barofsky

11 States Join In AIG Bonus Inquiry


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