Memo To The Media: It’s Not 'Anti-Capitalist' To Protest An Industry That Was Saved By Trillions Of Taxpayer Dollars
Oct 9, 2011 at 11:48 AM
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Video - Dylan Ratigan with Bernie Sanders on Occupy Wall Street - Oct. 6, 2011

Memo To The Media: It’s Not ‘Anti-Capitalist’ To Protest An Industry That Was Saved By Trillions Of Taxpayer Dollars

Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it - MUST READ

The Problem Is Lobbying - They Should Be Occupying K Street Instead

Always the Bankers’ Whore - Obama’s New Populist Fakery

Wall Street protesters fed up with both parties

#OWS: Want To Turn The Tide? - Denninger


"Police treat protesters like terrorists..."

Runs 2 minutes - Includes short interviews with Luke Rudkowski and Katie Davison.

GREAT PHOTOS - Senior citizens, veterans take part in Wall Street protests

One Third of Americans One Paycheck Away From Homelessness - Yves Smith


Police get violent at Occupy Seattle.

Runs 1 minute - Arrests at Occupy Seattle.

Read more here - Seattle Times


Video - Occupy Houston - Runs 1 minute.

‘Occupy Dallas’ Plans March To Federal Reserve

Occupy San Francisco camp broken up by police

Occupy Wall Street’s Media Team - A day in the life

5 Reasons Why Wall Street Protests Embody Values Of The Boston Tea Party

Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg - Your Propaganda Is Condescending

Open Letter to Alex Jones Re: Wall Street Protests

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Suing City Over Brooklyn Bridge "Kettling"

Cops Furious NYPD Officer Flashed Peace Sign In Photo With Protester


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