Lawyer Accuses Nevada Supreme Court Of 'Predetermining' Foreclosure Cases In Favor Of Banks
Feb 22, 2011 at 11:25 PM
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Source - Las Vegas Review Journal

A lawyer accuses Nevada District Judge Donald Mosley and other judges of predetermining the outcome in foreclosure disputes in favor of the lenders, according to an appeal filed with the Nevada Supreme Court.

In the process, they have made a "mockery" of a program designed to rescue distressed homeowners, attorney Jacob Hafter says in court papers.

A 2009 state law gives judges the authority to modify loans if lenders fail to abide by Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program guidelines.

Hafter said Mosley -- and by implication the high court -- had previously discussed how Nevada courts would rule in these disputes.  During a foreclosure hearing for Hafter client Carl Piazza, Mosley said he would never sanction a lender for bad faith by modifying a loan from the bench.

"That's something we resolved for, basically, since this program began, that the judges, and the Supreme Court was part of this discussion, are not going to, in this forum, start modifying loans; just would not do (it)," Mosley said during the October hearing.

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Now take a look at a letter from the Hafter to Judge Mosley:


Analysis from Daily Bail resident Supreme Court licensed attorney 'Cheyenne':

Jesus H. Christ.  This is unbelievable.  That attorney is kicking the shit out of a judge in public, suggesting that a good part of the bar is behind him, adumbrating that there is collusion on the High Nevada Bench, and requesting recusal.  In short, he has declared war on this judge and indeed the system itself.

That's the most incredible feckin' letter I've ever read from a member of the bar to his court, by far.

P.S. Note that the lawyer here is licensed before the U.S. PTO. Chances are he's got a background in science or engineering.



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