Kid's Climate Crusade Keeps Rolllin' Through The Courts
May 19, 2016 at 2:53 AM
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During the year 1212 A.D. about 30,000 French children assembled in bands and marched through the towns and villages, carrying banners, candles, and crosses and singing, "Lord God, exalt Christianity. Lord God, restore to us the true cross. The French children, set out from the place of rendezvous for Marseilles. Those that sailed from that port were betrayed, and sold as slaves in Alexandria and other Mohammedan slave markets. (Source)


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Children Win Another Climate Change Legal Case In Mass Supreme Court

In another surprising victory for children suing the government over climate change, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court last Friday found in favor of four youth plaintiffs against the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The Court found that the DEP was not complying with its legal obligation to reduce the State’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and ordered the agency to “promulgate regulations that address…greenhouse gas emissions, impose a limit on emissions that may be released…and set limits that decline on an annual basis.”

This case is one of several similar cases in federal district courts in Oregon and Washington, and in the state courts of North Carolina, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Colorado. All of these legal cases are supported by Our Children’s Trust, that seeks the legal right of our youth to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate in the future.

At the heart of this particular case, is the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). Signed into law in 2008, this Act created a framework for reducing state GHG emissions by 25% over those of 1990 by 2020, and an 80% reduction by 2050.

Julia Olson, Executive Director and Chief Legal Counsel at Our Children’s Trust said, “Today, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court called Massachusetts to task and underscored the need to take significant action now, so youth are not unfairly consigned to a disproportionately bleak future.”


Here is the clean energy plan mentioned above

This plan was developed by many of the people Barb and I have written about here. Lawmakers had input from executives of many of the largest green energy bankruptcies in history including Evergreen Solar and SunEdison. Here is a bit that Barbara Durkin had mentioned a few years ago:

"Boston-based First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor is Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s appointed green policy advisor under the Global Warming Solutions Act.  Gaynor is also appointed co-chair of the Mass Department of Environmental Protection Advisory Committee “Low Carbon Energy Supply Subcommittee.”  First Wind has benefitted by a $117 million loan guarantee for (12) Clipper Liberty wind turbines at Kahuku despite a trade secret between Clipper Wind and First Wind executed to obscure from the public information about structural and mechanical problems ongoing with Clipper wind turbines." Additionally is this: "Massachusetts’ Deval Patrick Administration in May of 2009 identified the long beleaguered Clipper Wind as the Wind Turbine Technology Testing Facility's first customer."

Enter the now federally convicted former Speaker of the House, Sal DiMasi, who pushed this initiative back in 2008.

House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi is expected to announce a new initiative directing millions of state dollars at growing the local alternative-energy sector. Dubbed the Green Jobs Act of 2008, the bill would allocate more than $50 million to the creation of new jobs and revenue in the state's clean energy industry.

One result of the bill would create a new clean-energy "center" and would redirect funds currently being administered by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative's Renewable Energy Trust Fund."

This is a war on our children. Have they any standing to sue on the debt they have involuntarily incurred? I would imagine the corrupted courts would laugh and dismiss such legal actions. What are they are being taught in schools?

In the meantime, the first mention of this legal attempt appeared on CNN at the time Paris Climate Conference in France last year and is shown in the following video.



Read more at CNN: Meet the 15-year-old kid who's suing Obama over climate change


The irony here is that the quote I use at the top of the page is about the French Children's Crusade. Timing is everything, The Cannes Film Festival was the lead in to the Paris Climate Conference where Al Gore was a keynote speaker, along with many of his acolytes. This should be disturbing.

There was absolutely no media coverage of this in Massachusetts. This is to further push an agenda for inappropriate large scale development and enrich the political cronies and banksters, forcing said development in adjoining states while leaving kids holding the bag.

The children have already been robbed of their futures by the political cronyism at the local, state and federal level. The Corporatist High Priests of Doom need to be taken to task as the unsuspecting kids today are unaware that like the children of the crusades, they already have been betrayed and sold into slavery for the false religion of global warming. 

“Fraud has to be ferreted out by carefully following its marks and signs, for fraud will in most instances, though ever so artfully and secretly contrived, like the snail in its passage, leave its slime by which it may be traced.”

Tennessee Supreme Court 1835 Floyd v. Goodwin



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