Jon Corzine Is A Criminal And Chris Christie Proves It
Oct 11, 2010 at 9:22 PM
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Video:  Christie on Jon Corzine -- $180 Million Democratic Payoff -- Runs 2 minutes

Christie Reveals Corzine Was A Last-Minute Crook


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Interesting detail.

The current New Jersey Governor tells a remarkable story about his predecessor.  Christie claims to have never mentioned it before publicly, and after a thorough search, I can confirm there is nothing about this $180 million payoff in the press prior to this speech from last Friday.  So no word on which mayors got the funds and under what authority they were distributed, nor how these funds were accounted for on the municipal level.

Remember that prior to contributing to the destruction of the Garden State, Corzine was the CEO of Goldman before he was ousted by Henry Paulson in a palace coup:

The event that made Jon Corzine a politician took place at the end of 1998, when he was in Telluride, Colorado, on Christmas vacation. As CEO of Goldman Sachs, Corzine had worked for nearly two years to transform the legendary partnership into a public company. Fighting significant resistance from many of the partners, he maneuvered and battled to sell the idea within Goldman. Eventually, he succeeded in his call for a vote by secret ballot, which had never been done before.

With the IPO approved but still several months away, Corzine and his family went skiing. While he was away, three members of Goldman’s five-member executive committee, led by Corzine’s co–chief executive, Hank Paulson (the man he appointed and who still runs the company), staged a palace coup, stripping him of his CEO title and his power. “They worked in secret against him all during Christmas,” says someone familiar with what took place.

Corzine was devastated. Apparently, he never saw it coming. “He came back from Colorado and simply could not believe what had happened,” says a confidante.



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