How To Blow Up The Banks & Credit Card Companies: Demand Your Original Letter Of Indebtedness
Mar 27, 2011 at 11:16 PM
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If you are locked into the debt cycle take a moment to read the following letters and decide for yourself whether or not your banksters still hold your original instrument of indebtedness.  Then follow the concept outlined in these documents EXACTLY and never back down! 

This process is for credit card debt, mortgage debt and most court orders to pay. 


1. This process will not work with private lenders because in most cases they can and will produce the original instrument of indebtedness (the original contract).

2. If you receive any communication from a collection agency or lawyer representing the financial institution, you should follow the concepts outlined in the following letters but ONLY in direct correspondence with the financial institution. NEVER respond to a lawyer or collection agency with anything other than the concept outlined in Letter 4.

Letter 1 is an exercise in equity. It is for use with just about any type of financial obligation issued by a licensed financial institution eg. mortgage, credit card, bank loan etc. (Does not work if the loan is from a “private” source).

*The original instrument of indebtedness refers to the original contract we signed with the bank where we promised to "pay".

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