Geithner Admits: "I Never Had A Real Job"
Feb 8, 2013 at 3:07 PM
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UPDATE - Geithner Joins CFR As Distinguished Fellow (CFR Press Release)

For once, Turbo told the truth on a weekend talk show.  Sort of.  We could add that Geithner never paid taxes like a real taxpayer either.  Geithner's ongoing attempt to distance himself from Wall Street's decade of fraud is laughable.  As President of the New York Fed, Geithner was criminally negligent in his role as Wall Street's chief regulator.

Timmaaayy tells the truth.

"I find that the charge that — the myth that I worked in Wall Street all my life, somewhat amusing.  But it is part of a narrative that hardened.  People came to view the judgments we were making through the prism of a myth … it’s actually very damaging.  It’s completely false, of course, and it, you know, should have been corrected a long time ago.  What I say is that I never had a real job."

Flashback - Geithner with Fareed Zakaria - WSJ


This is worth watching:

Max Keiser on Geithner's AIG Crime


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