Fed President Richard Fisher: Even We Can't Print Enough Money "To Compete With The Enormous Flood Of Borrowing Coming From The United States Treasury"
Dec 6, 2010 at 3:02 PM
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Video - Interview with Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher

Considering Bernanke's statement last night that the Fed isn't printing money, we thought it would be interesting to revisit Fisher's comments on the matter.

Quotes inside.


Source - Bloomberg

The Federal Reserve isn’t capable of offsetting the “flood” of U.S. Treasury borrowing with its bond-purchase program, which is helping to revive credit markets, Dallas district-bank President Richard Fisher said.

Fisher, who describes himself as among the most hawkish members of the Federal Open Market Committee on inflation risks, said it’s inappropriate to be a “screeching hawk” on price pressures now because of the amount of “slack” in the economy. He said he isn’t surprised by rising yields and reiterated his position that deflation, or an extended and broad decline in prices, is a greater risk than inflation.

“Long term, we all know inflation is a monetary problem, and you could have inflationary pressures,” he said. Still, “that is not the issue right now.”


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