Dylan Ratigan Absolutely Annihilates The Legacy Of Larry Summers While Steve Rattner Sits 3 Ft. Away 'In Denial'
Oct 7, 2010 at 5:32 PM
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Video:  Ratigan with Barry Ritholtz and Steve Rattner 


Click the following, very-short, John McEnroe youtube links:

Answer the question Rattner.  Why were bonholders of banks protected while autos were not?  Please tell me, I've been waiting 20 months for an answer.

Counterparties had to be protected?  Too complicated?  You CANNOT be serious.

You guys are the pits of the world.


Barry Ritholtz says he would have liked to restructure the banks -- wipe out shareholders, replace managements and whack bondholders.  Rattner says:

Is this smug stupidity?  Covering for team Obama?  Doesn't matter.  All that is a smokescreen.  Rattner talks as if Ritholtz wanted to just seize the banks on Friday, Sept. 19 and open up on Monday.  Bullshit. There was a whole period in 2009 where it made sense to kill the zombies.  Nobody was saying do Citi, BAC, et al. all on a Friday.   But this could have been done piecemeal, in an orderly (but not painless) fashion.  The captured mandarins just failed.  Failed miserably.

At the VERY least, there is absolutely no excuse for not replacing managements and severely restricting pay (of any kind) at the bailed out institutions.


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Larry summers sleeping during a meeting

Summers annihilation.  Give this 2 minutes.



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