DEAR PROTESTERS: If You Didn't Vote, Shut The Hell Up
Nov 16, 2016 at 2:06 PM
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'I didn't vote, I was disillusioned'
Do they even have a right to complain about the outcome they didn't even try to change?

— Jenna Abrams (@Jenn_Abrams) November 18, 2016


'I didn't vote, I was disillusioned...'

College students across the country want their campuses to be declared "sanctuaries" for illegal immigrants, similar to many cities in the United States.

At Harvard recently, a petition from "concerned" students and faculty called on the administration to "proclaim Harvard Memorial Church as part of the network of sanctuary churches that provide a refuge for students facing deportation proceedings."

At Brown University, students and staff wrote a letter to the school "to request that you investigate the possibility of our campus serving as a sanctuary for our students, our staff members and their family members who face imminent deportation."

On the campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey on Wednesday, more than 1,000 students walked out of classes to protest the election of Donald Trump. The demonstration was called "Sanctuary Campus."


Report: Most of arrested Portland protesters didn't vote in Oregon

Half of arrested protesters didn't vote in Virginia...

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